Other People’s Rules of Men’s Dress

Other People’s Rules of Men’s Dress


Often, constantly, the Rules of Men’s Dress presented on this site are derided.  Most of that is done by the haters, I welcome that sort.  There are also those who support the rules, I also welcome that sort.  And then there are those who have their own rules, whom I am also compelled to welcome.  Admittedly, I do not live by all of my rules, nor do I believe that a man need to, as the rules are set out to be an uber conservative and fool-proof way to dress.  That said, I certainly do not fully abide by the rules that some of my friends, family readers have prescribed.  But I do find them interesting nonetheless and perhaps you will too.

I suppose the first time a reader came to me with his rules was about a year and a half ago, if not more.  The man was (and likely still is) a detective for the NYPD and he mentioned he had a few rules that he set for his subordinates which I thought were particularly respectable.

– No cufflinks.  You don’t look like you’re going to be taking anyone down when your wearing cufflinks.

– No loafers.  You can’t run in loafers so how are you going to chase a suspect in them?

A friend of mine who is some sort of investment banking whiz (and is always well turned out, I should add) has one rule/saying that has always caught my attention.

– A gentleman wears only leather soled dress shoes.

And finally we have my father, who does the whole ‘I’m retired and spend my day on the golf course 8 days a week’ style thing quite well rarely dons a jacket anymore.  Nor does he need to.  But when he does (and when he did back in his working days) he had one unspoken rule which I, admittedly, am getting better at following.

– Always carry a handkerchief.

Now if I can just get him to always wear a pocket square.  I am sure I will add to this list over time, as I have added to my own list.  If you’d like to throw some of your own rules in the mix, please do so in the comments.



  1. Alas, I cannot wear leather-soled shoes due to back and leg injuries: they must be rubber. One hopes that exceptions can be made where sartorial spirit is strong but the flesh is weak…

  2. There are two indisputable rules that I have:

    1. Always wear fake leather pants. Especially when invited to a friend’s club for brunch or lunch.

    2. Always wear Prada man sandals

  3. Here are two of my indisputible rules:

    1) Always wear tight, fake leather pants, especially when invited to a friend’s club for brunch.

    2) Always wear Prada man sandals. These are appropriate for all climates and weather conditions

  4. Dress socks must be over-the-calf.
    No black suits.
    No suits without a tie.
    Only a self-tied, black bow tie with a tux.
    Always wear socks with shoes (the perspiration from bare feet kills the leather).