Things I Wear: Leather Suspenders

Things I Wear: Leather Suspenders


Soon after I started writing this blog I happened to watch Office Space for the umpteenth time.  Not only did it lead me to realize that I didn’t give two shits about my job at the time, like Peter, but it also made me realize how much I needed a pair of leather suspenders.  As soon as I saw Bob Slydell rocking a pair I knew I had to have myself some.  So before the movie ended I had already ordered a pair.  Then sadly, they sat around for nearly two years before I finally wore them…  But when the day came it was a great one.

leather suspenders

The weather was nearly perfect.  It was sunny and around 80 so I wanted to wear some lighter weight and/or open weave cloth.  So the ensemble started with brown linen herringbone trousers (Lands End) and navy suede tassel loafers (SuitSupply).  The shirt is a cotton/linen blend (MyTailor) and the jacket is some kind of blend, I absolutely love the fabric and its texture; it was thrifted for $10.  And finally the ensemble is brought together with a navy silk knit tie (Barneys), pocket square (Robert Talbott) and my beloved braided leather suspenders (Geoffrey Beene).

Leather suspenders certainly don’t work for most looks.  They work on Bob Slydell because of his character.  They worked with the odd jacket because of the colors and textures present.  But I don’t see myself pairing them with any of my bright colored jackets or somber business suits.


leather suspenders blue suede tassel loafers silk knit tie