On The Virtues Of Linen/Cotton

On The Virtues Of Linen/Cotton


I am of the opinion that a shirt that is a blend of linen and cotton is really the ideal shirt for summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my pure linen shirts but the whole excessive wrinkling thing can be a turnoff at times.  It can make them hard to wear in more formal and professional settings.  And I also do like to keep materials unblended, keeping like with like.  But then there are those exceptions, such as the linen/cotton blend.

By adding a bit of cotton to the linen the wrinkling can be noticeably reduced meanwhile the benefits of linen preserved.  Namely, a more open and textured weave which allows for maximum air flow through the shirt which in turn will keep the wearer cooler.  And for days like those as of late here in NYC keeping cool is the name of the game.