Trends For The Fall/Winter 2014/15 Season

Trends For The Fall/Winter 2014/15 Season

mens fur collared jacket

Whether you follow (or even care about) trends or not is up to you.  Perhaps you find them silly and useless or perhaps you follow them with the utmost allegiance.  If you are of the former camp then I suppose you should stop reading.  If you are anywhere but that then you may find it of interest to read on for some of the trends that I’ve caught onto for the coming season.  As you may have guessed, I have a few thoughts about each of the trends, I’ll try to be positive about them.  Anyway, if you are like me, you don’t make any seasonal acquisitions until we are actually in that season, so this list should not be too late to shed some light on the things you will see on offer.  Any questions of recommendations, please feel free to hit to comments.


Boots – Boots are the biggest thing in footwear this season. Hiking boots, military boots, dress boots – you name it.

Suede – For the past few seasons there has been a slow push for suede. Although suitable to wear year around, it really meshes well with the textures and looks of fall and winter. Suede works as well on sneakers as it does on dress shoes so its worth thinking about working it into your shoe wardrobe.  Take for example the suede bit loafer form Jay Butler below which will sell for $145 (sales start in a few weeks but sign up for the Jay Butler email list for updates, as a full disclosure, Jay Butler is the brand I have founded so perhaps I am biased)

jay butler bit loafer brown suede



Boxy man bags – Man bags have been on the rise for the past few years. Sometimes they are slim, but now they are a bit more voluminous; more masculine, some might argue.

Chunky scarfs – Who doesn’t love a huge mass of wool, cashmere or other warmth providing textile. Aside from the practical implications of chunky knits, they are also increasingly stylish.


Quilted jackets – They have been adorning the shoulders of the more preppy set for years and now the pattern is being adopted on a much wider scale.

Military/field jackets – Not that military jackets ever really go away in menswear but this season they are particularly prevalent. Field jackets in particular are having their moment. If you have taken the time to peruse this seasons offerings from J. Crew you will see the brands obsession with military inspired jackets of all types.

canadian field jacket 2


Dressed up sport – We all know Americans love sport clothing. Now more than ever we are seeing elements from sportier clothing mixed in with tailored wear.

Fur accents – As men are expanding their textural vocabulary some great things are coming into the mix. Fur being one of them. You will see it mostly as accents on jackets, but you may even see a few scarfs and coats made of the stuff. One piece of advice, skip the fake stuff and go for what’s real.  I’ve been preaching the greatness of fur for the past few years, it’s nice to see the kids are catching on.

Green – Yes, a color can be a trend, or at least ‘trending’. This coming season that color is green. You will see it in a variety of shades from hunter green to the ever present olive drab of military wear.

Bold prints – Floral, houndstooth or check prints and patterns are sticking around for the forseeable future. Designers seem to be quite bullish on them.

What do you think, will you wear any of these trends?



  1. Justin, in my opinion, all non Gucci horse-bit loafers look poorly crafted compared to the original.

  2. I agree with all of these statements. However, as a society, I tend to think that we are moving beyond fur. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part.