Obsession: Ski Socks

Obsession: Ski Socks

mens ski socks

I have numerous obsessions and addictions in my life.  Men’s style being an obvious one to all of you.  And as you can imagine, within mens style there are many items that would quality as their own obsessions; if you’ve been reading my ranting for a while you can probably guess what some of them are.  But one that I have not expounded upon in the past is my obsession with ski socks.

I’m not really sure when I started wearing ski socks with casual clothing, I think sometime soon after I started skiing and snowboarding which I started when I was 11 or 12.  Anyway, it is certainly one of the more practical things I do.  Like many people, when my feet are cold, my whole body is cold; which is less than ideal.  Thus creating a need for something to keep my feet warm

mens ski socks
And quite frankly, I have yet to find something that keeps my feet warmer (or less cold) than ski socks. Equally at home with boat shoes (above), chukka boots (below) and Bean Boots (or other type of boot).  They are also work well worn around the house (top photo).

With casual clothing, ski socks are the socks I wear the most.  I typically prefer to live life sans socks if at all possible, which is largely enabled by my wearing of mostly loafers and moccasins.  So it is really only in the colder months that I have a need for socks.  On many days I will put on my ski socks as soon as I get out of bed and won’t take them off until getting into bed at the end of the night.  Like I said, an obsession.

My family and I have always been a SmartWool family, but there are other options out there.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any of the styles of socks that I have on the SmartWool site, they are all a few years old so I imagine they have been replaced by something much more advanced.  Or so the marketers would tell us.  But I have always found that a simple gray ski sock works best; it goes with pretty much anything and everything.  And as I think I have made clear, they do wonders to keep your feet much warmer than they otherwise would be.  At a minimum you will be reminded of the good times on the slopes, and that is good enough for me.

mens ski socks
Socks: SmartWool.  Shoes: John Doe.  Polo shirt: Kent Wang.  Vest: Uniqlo.  Jacket: Barbour.  Scarf: Beretta.  Pants: JC Penney.



Note:  FYGblog received no compensation from SmartWool or any related entity during the production of this post.  I just love the socks.