Pastel Shirts

Pastel Shirts


The Holy Grail Of The Color Spectrum

Back in college spring was one of the best times of the year. Every girl had at least half a dozen new skirts and low cut tops to show off, each skirt shorter and each top cut lower than the last. Those were the days.  For my own sanity, I pray that New York will have comparable goods to flaunt this spring as college has had the last five, I have faith. Also to note is that spring marks the resurgence of the pastels that have been in hibernation since the fall.  Dress shirts in their pastel versions of pink, yellow, green, blue and purple are under utilized by most men.   Because of their lighter shade, pastel colored shirts are a slightly less dressy option than those shirts that are of darker shades.  As with any shirt, pastel shirts become even less dressy when in stripes and check patterns. Additionally, pastels provide a nice contrast from the darker shaded shirts of fall and winter and compliment the revival of color in nature that comes with spring.  Try some of these basic combinations.  A light green or yellow shirt with a navy suit or trousers.  A pink shirt with a brown suit or trousers.  A pink or lavender shirt with a light gray suit or trousers.  A Light blue shirt with any color suit or trousers.  Most importantly, pastels never go out of style.

Bottoms up,