FYGblog Via Business Insider: Spring/Summer Trends

FYGblog Via Business Insider: Spring/Summer Trends


As we are technically in Spring, but more importantly, close to summer.  I felt it prudent to discuss spring and summer trends over on Business Insider.  I don’t care for some of the trends I mention (I am just reporting on what’s out there) and there are others that I care less about that I didn’t care to mention at all.  But some, like brown suits, I am a fan of.  But then again, I don’t think of them as trends, as I have liked them and will continue to like them long past the ebb and flow of ‘fashion.’



  1. Came across your blog through your post on BI, as I am a pretty religious reader…especially being in the tech industry myself. Great stuff on here. Additionally, being from Somerset County, I very much appreciated your coverage of The Hunt.

    Keep trucking.