The Tie For The New Season; Thank You Tom Ford

The Tie For The New Season; Thank You Tom Ford


Tie: Tom Ford

As fall approaches the need to change over and refresh one’s wardrobe becomes a necessity.  Admittedly, my fall and winter wardrobe is limited, as I prefer to indulge in all things relating to warm weather.  However, there comes the occasional fall and winter item that I feel I must have (like skull and crossbone socks but those are for any season) and that I feel will be of good use for years to come.

Enter Tom Ford, a designer whom I have become increasingly interested in.  Among his other notable achievements, he did provide the suits for James Bond in his most recent installment, Quantum Of Solace.  I figure if it is good enough for James Bond to wear it is certainly good enough for me to wear, I have full faith in this logic.

I came across this tie the other day at Bergdorf’s (retails for 200$)and decided instantly that this tie is badass and that I will likely need to purchase it for the coming fall/winter season.  The tie is 100% wool and is woven in a manner more like a sweater than a tie; for it is a very thick and hearty tie.  Given the ties thickness I would recommend it paired with a jacket of tweed, flannel or cashmere blend; something of a heavier weight.  It would also go well under almost any sweater, especially a cable knit; I think the contrasting textures of the two weaves would look phenomenal.  I should also note that the tie is in the more casual end of things so it may be best to keep it to social outtings and not the office.  And not to worry, lavender is not the only color offered…

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog and am glad to see a young man taking such a detailed interest in how he presents himself to the world. It is a shame, however, that you don’t put that same amount of attention into your language.

    For example, your phrase “whom I have become increasingly interested in.” in your second paragraph is more correctly stated “in whom I have become increasingly interested. A sentence ought not end in a preposition. In your third paragraph the possessive of tie is tie’s, not ties. I have noted several other similar indiscretions in your blog’s language.

    I don’t mean to offend. You may think this is picayune; but it seems to me that if one is making a sincere attempt to present a sophisticated presence in the world (as you obviously are) it would be more authentic if that effort extended below the surface, as well.

    My mother used to tell me that nothing betrays a refined exterior more quickly than opening one’s mouth (a lesson I still have not absorbed completely, I might add!).