The Unugly Christmas Sweater

The Unugly Christmas Sweater

unugly christmas sweater

There is something unappetizing about ugly Christmas sweater parties.  Maybe it’s the fact that they are in fact ugly and I don’t particularly care to wear ugly clothing.  Or maybe I am just a grinch.  Or maybe it is just one of my arguably irrational dislikes of certain items of clothing, like demin (yes, that’s right, I don’t wear denim; ever).  This isn’t to say that I will never indulge in the act of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, I am just saying that I will potentially go to exhaustive measures to avoid wearing one.  All the meanwhile still maintaining a rather festive spirit, as there is no season quite like the Christmas one.

So, you may ask, what are the alternatives to an ugly Christmas sweater?  Simple.  An unugly Christmas sweater.  Or a festive Christmas ensemble based around a sweater.  Take the ‘Christmas’ and take the ‘sweater’, you’ve still checked off 2 of the 3 words from ‘ugly Christmas sweater.’  Leave the ‘ugly’ at home.  Some will qualify that as a passing grade, others as failing.  but if you dislike wearing an ugly Christmas sweater as much as I do you will be passing with honors.  Given my spotty academic career, I think this would only mark the second time I have ever done so.

what to wear to ugly christmas sweater party jay butler bit loafer corduroys

Perhaps this post is a few weeks late to the game, but there is still on weekend left of Christmas revelry.  A weekend that I tend to enjoy to the fullest.  For tonight’s ugly sweater party I have decided to don the pictured ensemble.  It is one of the more comfortable ensembles I have worn in recent memory.  It includes items from 4 of my favorite textile groups: cashmere, leather, velvet and corduroy.  Although biased, I think it is also a very elegant, masculine and festive pairing.  The red velvet jacket is from Buttons n Threads.  The ivory cashmere rollneck from Uniqlo (yes, Uniqlo actually has good knits for the money).  The green corduroys from Ralph Lauren.  And the brown bit loafers from Jay Butler.

velvet jacket turtleneck sweaterwhat to wear to ugly sweater party

What about you, are you a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters?  Or would you rather wear something like this?  Feel free to sound off in the comments.



  1. I would much rather wear an ensemble like you have. That red velvet jacket is the bees knees. I happen to have a nice green pair of cords like that but from Brooks Bros instead of Ralph. I also have a similar pair of loafers. A sand-colored Wool-Over cable sweater in my drawer might work as well as your white one, though the white reminds me of the fake “snow” wrap that goes around the bottom of Christmas trees in the house. 😀 Excellent look. And I congratulate you on avoiding denim!

  2. You lost me at “I don’t wear denim; ever.” It’s not that you don’t wear denim–we’re all different and have our own preferences. But to take a worldwide fashionable item and speak of it in an emphatic negative way suggests you place judgement on your readers who do. So unnecessary. Time to unsubscribe.

    • Oh, boo-hoo, were your pwecious wittle feewings hurt?

      My grandfather never wore denim, but never said a thing about it to his grandchildren who did. I used to wear denim, but don’t anymore because I have no need of it. Non-wearing of denim does not equate to disapprobation of denim wearers. And so what if TFYG judges denim and/or denim wearers negatively? Why do you even care?

      Be a man and accept that some other men don’t care for denim or denim wearers. Grow a pair and get over it.

    • Donald,
      Judge people who wear denim, I do not. Nor do I try and get people I know to not wear it. I just decided long ago that it was not something for me. I recognize its utility and place in fashion, but not in my wardrobe.

  3. You are certainly not a grinch, but presumably in your natal horoscope you have a Venus which is enhanced – like HRH Prince Charles does in his – which gives you ciltivated taste.
    Do you wash your corduroy trousers or have them dry cleaned? May I ask what your waist measurement is for trouser size?

  4. Spotty academic career means the instructors did not inspire you, presumably didn’t care if you understood or not, and you didn’t really study what interested you and what you thought was important for your life.

  5. The retired hipster in me balks at the ugly sweater party trend. Its the new trucker hat, ironic only when no one else was doing it, played out now that everyone is.

    I can’t imagine every wanting to wear an ugly sweater over what you have on.

  6. Nice outfit. I have the same cords.

    I dislike the phrase “ugly Christmas sweater,” though I don’t fault you for using it. S alludes to part of the reason.

    Christmas sweaters might be kitschy, but they are an authentic part of Americana. They represent people’s joy in the season. I remember when Lands End used to have matching & coordinating Christmas sweaters for the whole family, including the dog!

    Christmas sweaters aren’t my style, but far from being ugly, they are a beautiful emblem of how some people celebrate(d) Christmas, and can still be a part of that.

    • Denimless Dandy,
      I certainly can’t argue with you on your point that they are part of the season. A tradition, if you will, and I do love traditions. I love that about them, but the other parts of them, I don’t care for.

  7. I loved the green cords in this pic so much I got a pair myself; they look even more amazing in real life!

    However, I generally don’t wear green because I have trouble figuring out how to match it. I don’t wear a lot of brown. Could they be paired with a light blue shirt, or would I be better off sticking with a cream shirt? I’m looking for more interesting pairings, though. Purple is an interesting contrast, but I think it might be a little more clown like. I am not planning on wearing a jacket, although it isn’t out of the question.

    • Green pants? Pretend they’re perfectly normal, and wear normal clothes with them.

      I like light blue shirts with my green cords. I have a dark, striped sweater that works well with them, and have also paired them with a navy blue blazer.

      Definitely avoid purple with green—you will look like a clown, or perhaps someone who wants to appear on Fred Castleberry’s blog.