The Buttons ‘n’ Threads Custom Shirt Review

The Buttons ‘n’ Threads Custom Shirt Review

buttons n threads custom shirts

Previously, I shared how Buttons ‘n’ Threads exceeded my expectations with the velvet jacket they made for me.  Subsequent to that review Yashas asked me to review one of their dress shirts.  Obviously, I obliged.  But to be honest, I did not expect much.

Historically, I have found that online suit brands who may make good suits typically do not also make good shirts.  I will not bore you with my suspicions as to why this is the case; it is just my observation and experience.  An observation (and consequently a set of expectations) that Buttons ‘n’ Threads proves to be an exception to.  The shirt they made for me is exceptional.

buttons n threads custom shirts
Shirt: Buttons ‘n’ Threads.  Shorts: J. Crew Factory.  Shoes: Herring.  Bag: L.L. Bean.

Before start waxing poetic about the shirt I should note that the shirts are not available for sale yet.  In fact, today marks the launch of their Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for shirt production.  So yes, the fact that this piece is being published today is not completely random…  But anyway, the campaign ends in a few weeks so you can either pre-order a shirt from the Indiegogo or wait until they are available for regular sale.

It’s worth noting that the first 100 shirts will be available at a discount at $99 and $129, as opposed to $129 (2 ply 120s) and $149 (2 ply 140s).  The difference in price lies with different fabrics, all of which are Egyptian cotton.  Which the marketing folks would have you believe is a sure sign of quality, which is not always the case.  Fortunately, the fabric my shirt is made of is the good stuff.

Although I was not able to use the Buttons ‘n’ Threads website to order my shirt (the shirt design site was not ready yet so I had to use the style books to chose the details of my shirt) I was impressed with the variety of details and options that one can choose for their shirt.  A variety that rivals Cottonwork and MyTailor, which is a good thing.  I also believe that they can accommodate a certain level of special requests, which is also good.  For my shirt I chose a hidden button down collar, single button barrel cuffs (more on that below), standard placket and rib cage monogram placement.  I opted for a solid white fabric which I have been happy with.  But the initial fabric selection is somewhat limited to the basics, so I look forward to them adding more fabrics to the collection going forward.  But anyway, let’s take a closer look at the shirt.

buttons n threads custom shirts
Buttons ‘n’ Threads took my jacket measurements as well as a few others to make the shirt.  The result is a very nicely fitting shirt.  Admittedly, I did make a mistake in my photos and forgot to take one with my sleeves down, but I assure the sleeves came out to the correct length.  You may notice how the collar is staying upright, that is because this is a hidden button down collar; the first shirt I have ordered with such a collar and so far I love it.  I plan to order more shirts with a hidden button down collar soon.
buttons n threads custom shirts
As is typical, there is some excess fabric in the back.  The only way I have found to reduce this is to utilize darts in my shirts.  Which I tend to shy away from doing.
buttons n threads custom shirts
The buttonholes are the nicest of any shirt I own, beautiful in fact.  They are exceptionally clean and exceptionally tight.  There are no stray threads and have proven smooth to button.  I have been told they have 200 stitches per hole, which is impressive.
buttons n threads custom shirts
Another notable feature are the reinforcing gussets used at the base of the side seams.  They serve to help defend against tears in the seam.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
The gusset from the inside.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
The thin French seams, I am told, have around 24 stitches per inch.  Which means the stitching is very tight and fortunately, even and clean.  Some very nice work.  And yes, I counted them myself and the stitching holds true to the claim.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
My only complaint for the shirt, and sadly, it is my fault, is the cuff.  I accidentally selected the option that includes 2 buttons and a second buttonhole.  But I do not understand why they would even include an option like this, it is a custom shirt so there should be no need for different cuff widths via two buttons.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
The buttons are beautifully fixed to the shirt with a little bit of shanking.  Which is often not the case with shirt buttons.  The buttons themselves are a nice mother of pearl with enough thickness to get a little bit of weight between the fingers when buttoning.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
The hidden button down from the side.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
The inner workings of the hidden button down collar.  You can see how the collar affixes to the shirt with an interior piece of fabric.  You can also see the design of the buttons, which have a double ridge.  Personally, I prefer a single wide ridge to the two smaller ones, but these are still very nice buttons.
buttons n threads custom shirt review
We all know I love to have my shirts monogrammed.  The monogramming on the shirt looks to be done by hand and is very tight and very clean.  Although I usually have my monograms placed on the sleeve placket, I opted for this one to be at the base of my left rib cage.

If you cannot tell, I am very happy with the shirt Buttons ‘n’ Threads sent me.  Upon receiving the shirt I inquired with Yashas about the quality of the shirt, namely the construction.  I was curious how they were able to source such a well made shirt yet keep the costs so low.  His answer, in short was that the factory that Buttons ‘n’ Threads works with in India modeled itself after the Fray factory in Italy, which makes some of the better ready to wear shirts to come out of that country; at least that’s my understanding.  They also used Charvet and Turnbull & Asser shirts as a benchmark for quality.  But at the end of the day, quality of construction and materials is not the most important part of custom menswear.  The fit is.  And as I noted before, I am very happy with the fit of my shirt.

Is the shirt worth $129 or $149?  Unequivocally, yes.  The quality and fit are certainly both at levels that justify such a price.  However, I do understand that some men do not want to spend that much on a shirt, which would mean they would have to look elsewhere (like Luxire and Cottonwork) for shirts.  But if your budget permits you to spend this much on your shirts, (and I advise you think about it) I think you will have a very hard time finding nicer shirts for your money.  If you have any questions, comments or thoughts please feel free to sound off in the comments.

buttons n threads custom shirt review



Note: FYGblog did receive the shirt being reviewed for purposes of review.  As always, the utmost care was taken to maintain an unbiased stance on the brand and product at hand.


  1. Hi Justin,

    I’ve contacted you before. I was the (West Coast) selling agent for several upscale collections including Fray Shirts, I am now semi-retired and live in the Northern CA wine country.
    Do they rotate the shoulder to alleviate the bulk of the seams all converging at the armpit?

    • Roger,
      Yes, we emailed a few times. Glad to see you are still reading. Sounds like a good way to go about things for ‘semi retirement.’ The do so a little bit. They keep about .75cm between the side body and arm seams. Great point to bring up.

  2. Nice review, thanks. I just contributed to their IndieGoGo campaign so I guess I’ll get to see the quality for myself!

    Question: You mention that you don’t like darts? I’m relatively new to getting custom clothing, and relatively new to opting for nicer clothing; can you explain why no to darts?

    • Mike,
      I dislike them for a few reasons. First, just the look of them on the back of the shirt, I prefer a plain back shirt. With patterned shirts they can upset the flow of the pattern. Not to mention, if you have a shirt custom made, the need to darts should be little. Additionally, they can be a nuisance to iron around. To be fully honest, a few of my shirts do have darts but those shirts are only worn under jackets. It, like many things, is mostly a matter of personal preference.

  3. Justin,

    I believe the cuffs are a “convertible cuff” in which they may be worn buttoned; or, may be utilized with cufflinks making use of the hole between the two buttons.
    For an illustration, check out – – scroll down to the “convertible cuff”.
    Have a great weekend!


  4. I think the odd looking button arrangement on the cuffs is a convertible option – you can actually open them up and close a la French cuff, insert the link and voila! I have a hugh&crye shirt like that.


    • Matts,
      It is, I am not much a fan of convertible cuffs. If for no other reason than when wearing a cufflink the cuff is a single cuff, not a proper double cuff (which is what a french cuff is). Single cuffs should really be reserved for white tie attire as far as I am concerned. Not to mention you see the buttons on the cuffs when wearing cufflinks which looks out of place. Half measures avail us nothing – type of thing. I have heard Hugh and Crye makes nice shirts, what is your experience with them?

      • Justin,
        I have had good luck with Hugh & Crye. Simply put, their shirts fit quite well with no tailoring. I’ve enjoyed owning them, and expect them to last a long time. Compared to the Brooks Brothers slim fit and tailored O’Connell’s shirts that make up the bulk of my closet, Hugh & Crye out does all of them; for quite a low price too!
        Now if only they would make a buggy lined blazer that wasn’t 30% poly; how one can survive in DC wearing a 30% poly blazer is beyond me!

        Best regards,

  5. Justin,
    Have you spoke with Yashas recently from Buttons’n’Threads? I purchased a suit and shirt from them in March. It’s been 4 months and still haven’t received them. I’ve tried to contact Yashas many times and only a few times have gotten a response. It appears that Buttons’n’Threads may no longer be a legitimate option for online MTM clothing. You may want to let your readers know this because I used Buttons’n’Threads based off of your reviews and now I’m out over $500.