A Few Words On Luxire Custom Shirts…

A Few Words On Luxire Custom Shirts…


A long long time ago I received an email from Arnaud Rousseau of Luxire.  He approached me asking to review his shirts, however, his made to measure site was largely a work in progress, so we held off for a few months.  So, once the site was up and running properly we commenced.  After months of build up I was quite excited to try out Luxire’s process and shirts.

The ordering process via the Luxire site is quite simple.  Everything from measurements to style options is kept on one page, which is nice.  Arnuad and I agreed on two shirts.  For the first I choose a white oxford button down with barrel cuffs and for the second a blue check with semi spread collar and button cuffs (which was destroyed by US Customs).  Both shirts were supposed to come with a placket and mother of pearl buttons.  For the measurements I input my own shirt measurements.

As promised the shirts came within a few days (days NOT weeks).  When I picked them up all my doorman heard was “holy shit, that was fast” before I absconded to my apartment to open the package.  Now, mind you, these shirts are coming from India, nearly halfway around the globe from New York City.  The turnaround time is quite amazing taken into perspective.  Anyway, onto the shirts.  The shirt measurements came true to what I requested (which means I cannot complain about any fit issues, but the shirts do fit quite well).  The craftsmanship on them is spot on, by far the best I have seen in the price range ($70).  The stitching is clean and straight.  Single needle stitching is used along the seams.   The buttons are mother of pearl and the button hole stitching and shanking of the buttons are both great.

The button down collar came out nicely, however, I prefer a little more roll in my button down collars (Brooks Brothers is oft regarded as one of the best at this).  However, this can be fixed on future shirts.  The spread and length of the button down is ideal.  I asked Luxire to make the points on both collars a little longer than they would otherwise, this request was handled with ease.  For more extensive customizations Luxire offers a ‘Full Custom’ service, which I have not used but have full faith in Luxire’s abilities to produce shirts to accomodate more eccentric tastes.

I have only have one other critique; which can and will be addressed on future shirts.  The first is that I specified a placket on my shirts, unfortunately, there was not one on either shirt.  Arnaud immediately agreed to remake the shirts free of charge, which, it should be noted, he would do with any customer.

The fabric for both shirts is superb.  Particularly the white oxford, I would expect to see this quality of oxford on a more expensive shirt.  It is very heavy, which I love.  After a few washes it has started to soften and break in.  Which to me, is the best part of oxford cloth; it really takes to your body over time.  Leading to an extremely comfortable and personal shirt.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Luxire’s shirts.  For the money, I have not heard of or seen anything better in terms of quality, customization and experience.  I look forward to seeing how Luxire will expand its fabric and offering range, if they keep going they way they started I have a strong feeling they will do well.  If you have any questions or your own thoughts please sound off in the comments section below.



Note: FYGblog did receive complimentary product in the process of this review.



  1. Ordered a shirt from Luxire, while it came quickly, the shirt wasn’t close to fitting right. Sleeves were way too short. Chest was too wide. I had to send it back to India for alterations, which cost almost $100 in shipping. Kinda sucks.