A Japanese Monk Chukka Cowboy Boot?

A Japanese Monk Chukka Cowboy Boot?


One of the things that I do greatly appreciate about the company I work at is that it draws personnel from all over the world.  With them comes their style.  One of the gentlemen here from abroad is from Tokyo, today he was wearing these shoes, they immediately caught my attention.  At first glance all I saw was the sole and heel, and I thought ‘Oh, those look a little like cowboy boots but with some interesting cap stitching, definitely some Japanese stuff’.  As you may notice the shape of the heel is reminiscent of that of a cowboy boot and the stitching on the cap of the boot is something I feel we would only find from a Japanese maker; its far too modern and aggressive for any American, English, Italian and even French brands that I know of.  But then I asked my friend to reveal the rest of the shoe only to find out that it was also a monk strap but at the height of a chukka.  So, I have no clue what to call this shoe, perhaps a monk strap cowboy chukka?  We had trouble figuring out the brand of the shoe but there was some labeling ‘Aba’ca’ on it.  I have Googled it without success, if anyone could shed some light on this please feel free to post a comment below.




  1. I want these shoes badly!! I found a photo of Tom Waits and Jim Jarmosch sitting on a park bench. Tom is wearing these shoes or some that are pretty close. I’ve been hunting for them for ever. Google (images) Tom Waits shoes and the photo/s will show up within the first 10 or so.

    Any chance you have any more info on these? They are killer.

    • Matt,
      Unfortunately, I do not. Even the guy who was wearing them didn’t have much info on them, all I know is they were from some Japanese brand. Sorry I can’t be of more help.