The Best Shoe Shine In Philadelphia: FYGblog X ToBox

The Best Shoe Shine In Philadelphia: FYGblog X ToBox


Previously I have spoken about ToBox, a new men’s shoe store in Philadelphia (25 South 19th st, between Chestnut and Market).  It also happens to be the best shoe store in the city (and dare I say state), specializing in unique and well regarded brands such as Carmina, Yanko, Rider Boot, La Cordonnerie Anglaise, Scarpe di Bianco and John Lobb.  ToBox rounds out its collection with more moderately priced brands like Swims, Moretti and Cole Haan.  Effectively, ToBox is to Philadelphia as Leffot is to New York City, which is meant as nothing but praise.

best shoe shine in philadelphia tobox

Anyway, Tung, the proprietor of ToBox, and I got to talking a few weeks back about working together and decided it would be fun to have me take over the shoe shine stand for a few days a week as well as some other work around the store and web for them (more on that later perhaps).  So, every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-3pm I will be manning the stand in the back of the store.  If you want to have your shoes shined but can’t make it in during those hours or just want to avoid me you can drop your shoes off during normal business hours and they will be shined within a few days or Tung will shine your shoes.

Shoe shines cost $6 for shoes, $8 for ankle boots (like chukkas) and $15 for calf and knee high boots (like riding boots).  Both men and women’s shoes are welcome and pricing is the same.  We can also clean suede and cordovan as well as handle some minor refinishing and sole coloring.  Minor repairs are done in house and more extensive ones are sent out so there is really nothing that we cannot take care of.  But if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or call the store, 215-644-9435.

best shoe shine in philadelphia tobox best shoe shine in philadelphia tobox

Obviously, I may be a little biased but I would argue that the shines on offer are the best in Philadelphia.  And as far as I know the only to use Saphir products; which are some of, if not the best, shoe care products available.  Of course, if you have no interest in having your shoes shined and just want to pop in and say hi or check out the shoes on display (like the Carminas below) feel free to drop by at your convenience.

carmina shoes us carmina shoes us carmina shoes us



ToBox Shoes

25 S 19th st (btw Chestnut and Market)

Philadelphia PA, 19103


10am-630pm Mon-Sat

My hours: 11am-3pm Tues & Thurs


  1. If I were near Philadelphia, I’d keep you busy! Those shoes in the photographs look perfectly shined! That will surely be an interesting experience for you to meet all the customers with their escorters and observe the part of humanity whose shoes bring them to you, just as your feet are the unconscious vehicle of your own destiny!

  2. Your advice please… I received my Jack Erwin Adams in chestnut a week ago. So far they have been great shoes! Per their recommendation for a polish/cream I bought Meltonian red mahogany shoe cream. The color is a great match but it does not leave a high shine. What would you put on for a nice shine finish? Thanks in advance.

    • Chase,
      There are a few factors that contribute to a shine on shoes – leather, polish, amount of layers of said polish are a few. Shining shoes is somewhat akin to polishing a car. The smoother the surface the higher the shine. One way to add more shine is to add more layers of wax polish, was brings out a higher shine than cream. I have also found that my Jack’s do not shine to a really high gloss that easily; which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just apply a layer of wax, wait for it to dry then apply another, repeat as necessary.