A 15:1 Ratio

A 15:1 Ratio

meermin black shoes

Black shoes often seem to lack personality.  I would argue they are sometimes boring.  Black is black and that is that.  Contrarily, shoes of other colors like brown and burgundy are not lacking of personality.  For starters, they do, over time, take on a certain patina.  And then there are the many shades of each color.  With all of this said, I don’t really care for black shoes.

True, there are some instances in which black shoes are called for; like the most formal of business and social settings as well as in politricks. But the vast majority of men have little need to wear black shoes regularly.  Yet still we must have at least one pair in our wardrobe (key in thoughts on the minimum pieces of flair).  So as a result, of the 15 pair of dress shoes I have, only one is black.

So, you may ask, what of the other 12 pairs?  Well, there are 5 pair of brown shoes, 4 of burgundy, 2 of white (white bucks), 1 of navy suede, 1 of purple suede and 1 of gray.

So, now you may ask, are all of these other colors (navy, purple, burgundy and gray) necessary?  For some men the answer is no.  But for me the answer is obviously yes.  For I believe that changing up the color of your shoes is one of the easiest and safest ways to elevate and express your personal style.



  1. Men are very loyal to black and brown shoes. Men need to be more adventurous when it comes to the color of their shoes. I wear some of the most magnificent colors, olives, reds, aubergines…