Another Version Of Butterfly Loafers

Another Version Of Butterfly Loafers


I was getting a shoe shine a few weeks back over by Grand Central and happened to notice a gentleman wearing an alternate version of my beloved butterfly loafers.  I had never seen this version before.  The only other version I remember seeing has been at Alan Flusser Custom Shop, but those were more similar to the Poulson Skoane/New & Lingwood version that I have.  These were different.

I immediately inquired with the gentleman as to who made them and where he got them.  He kindly replied that he got them at Paul Stuart a few years back.  I was not surprised, as Paul Stuart has made it a habit of doing things right.  Given what I know I would guess that the shoe was made by Grenson, who I know at least currently makes all of Paul Stuart’s English made shoes.  But I could be wrong about them making these.  Regardless of the maker, it is a nice shoe.  I do not like it as much as the Poulson Skoane/New & Lingwood version but I certainly cannot knock this gentleman for wearing them, well done.