Cole Haan Concept Store Visit

Cole Haan Concept Store Visit


On my adventure last Thursday I popped by the Cole Haan concept store on Prince St in Soho.  I have been quite curious about the brands Lunargrand shoes since a first saw them a few weeks back.  I hated them at first sight.  I still don’t like some of them; but the blue suede on white sole and tan suede on brick red sole won my favor. I love the upper of all of the shoes, but I think there is a fine line that is drawn between what looks good and bad with these shoes because of the sole.  I do not like clunky soles which was tough to get past at first, I think it really depends on the color of the sole with that of the upper.  The shoe definitely appealed to my ex-sneaker head side…  I will say however, that I did try a pair on and they are very comfortable.

Anyway, the store manager was kind enough to let me take some pictures so I picked out some of the good, bad and ugly.  In one sense Cole Haan is killing it with their new designs which I applaud them for.  They are a huge company taking some risks, I like that.  But then again some of the shoes just don’t do it for me, but it is really a matter of taste.  Enjoy liberally.



Nay. I think I saw some kid tripping face at Pacha wearing these... Which does NOT make them okay.
Yay. I love womens shoes that take their inspiration from classic mens shoe designs. Remember Carmina shoes of Spain?

If you don’t, check out my Carmina store visit.

Yay. Wingtips are my favorite lace up. The color of these was pretty nice in person and the leather was thin and light. I am not sure if this was done out of lowering costs or aimed at a lighter summer shoe. Either way, it would make a nice summer shoe. And the two tone leather is badass, in case you were wondering.
Some yays and some nays.
Nay. I do like this combination but I think for it to really work the brown should be lighter.
Nay on the shoe. Yay on the display.