Grecians Are The New Belgians

Grecians Are The New Belgians

belgian shoes

Grecian slippers are the new Belgian Shoes.  Since I first saw them I have always loved the look of Belgian Shoes.  However, I could never bring myself to purchase a pair.  Everyone swears by their comfort.  I’ve tried them on myself and agree, although my wearing was minimal.  I suppose the price point was the biggest hurdle for me to get over, I would always find myself buying another pair of dress shoes instead of Belgian Shoes.  But then again, part of the draw of the shoes is the fact that you are paying so much for something so dainty and unsubstantial looking.  Talk about good marketing and merchandising.  Weird how that works sometimes.

So I have been idly sitting by as I have noticed over the past few years the Belgians rise in popularity.  Present in places they should not be present in, some may argue.  They used to be one of those ‘things,’ like Prince Albert slippers until Del Toro came along.  I suppose the Belgian’s luster was lost for me when I saw one of the salesmen at SuitSupply wearing a pair.  I wonder what Dusty would think?

grecian slippers

So my acquisition of Belgians was yet again put off.  But waiting in the wings faithfully has been Grecian slippers.  I have also put off purchasing a pair for over a year, sadly.  Yet again, I would find myself buying another pair of dress shoes.  But I finally made the purchase and am glad I did.  The comfort is exquisite and the style is more laid back and subdued than the beloved Belgian Shoes.  And much like the Belgians, they can have a rubber sole added on the bottom to ensure long term wear.

I have worn them with everything from a suit to shorts and a t-shirt (yes, I do wear them, but it is rare).  And they feel out of place with none of it.  Each time garnering attention from the fairer sex, which is far from the objective of wearing them, but it is certainly an added positive.  Needless to say, further acquisitions are in the works.



  1. I too have admired Belgian Shoes and balked at the price. Your Grecian slippers look like a great substitute. How did you find out about them?

    That leads to a couple of other questions:
    1. What color do you recommend?
    2. Since they come from the UK, do they run true to size?
    3. Do you wear them everywhere, or only in certain places?
    4. Do you wear them with socks or without?


    Jamie (also a native Philadelphian, but living in exile)