Jay Butler Launches Shoe Collection

Jay Butler Launches Shoe Collection

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Dear Readers,

As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly to start my own shoe brand, Jay Butler.  With great pride and excitement I would like to announce that the shoe collection is now available for sale.  The shoes are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping out at the end of this week.

The driving idea behind the collection is to provide men (and women) with a well styled, well priced and well made pair of shoes.  Long have I felt that there is a void for this type of footwear.  Particularly, that which is available exclusively online; offered at a price lower than it would be for when sold in stores.  Personally, I have had trouble finding a middle ground between my boat shoes and dress loafers.  Both in terms of style and price.  Many of the offerings in the casual loafer space is either poorly designed or poorly made.  The leathers often seem a bit like plastic or the brand is trying to differentiate itself by adding pops of color and contrast; which often leads to a less than desirable product in my eyes.  The leathers I have selected for Jay Butler’s shoes are a nice mix between casual and dressy.  The smooth leather is full grain, it will last for years.  It has a nice smooth appearance with small showings of the natural grain of the leather, which I quite like.  It will also take to a polish well.  The suedes I have selected have a nice feel to them and are rich in color.  The designs are classic.  I would like to say, without sounding cliche, that the designs have been edited to work with today’s styles.  The silhouettes are sleek and elegant, yet they maintain an air of masculinity.

In review; there will be four styles of shoes; three of which will be leather soled and one rubber soled.  For the leather soled shoes there will be a tie loafer, the Shipley, and a penny loafer, the Cromwell, in sizes 4-14.  And a bit loafer, the Millbank, in sizes 7-14.  The shoes will be available in black, brown and caramel full grain leather as well as brown and navy blue suede.  Unfortunately, no shoes will be available in alligator leather, which you will see the penny loafer pictured in.  However, I do plan to do something in gator down the line.  The rubber soled shoe, the Naples, will be a more practical take on the classic Italian driving loafer.  The driving loafer will be available sizes 4-14 in brown and navy blue suedes and sizes 4-7.5 in purple and royal blue suedes.  Please note that not all available colors are pictured yet, the remaining colors will be up in the next few days.  The Cromwell, Naples and Shipley will be offered for $145 and the Millbank for $175, which includes shipping and returns.jay butler cromwell penny loafer brown ack basket

jay butler brown suede tie loafer top sample

jay butler royal blue driving loafer sample


Domestic shipping, returns and exchanges are free.  However, I have received numerous inquiries from some of my international readers asking if Jay Butler will be shipping internationally.  In short, the answer is yes.  The option to ship internationally will not be readily available on the Jay Butler website.  So interested parties should email Jay Butler directly at Help@JayButler.com with inquiries.  International shipping will be an additional $25 per pair; unfortunately the additional impost is necessary because of the greatly increased cost of shipping internationally.  Please note that this rate is also subject to change, if the cost is less than expected it will go down and if higher than expected it will increase.  Additionally, the customer is responsible for paying for all customs and importation fees.  So I recommend looking into possible fees regarding that matter.

jay butler brown full grain leather bit loafer side sample jay butler navy blue suede bit loafer sample7I9A0853 copy

If you would like see a bit more from Jay Butler please peruse the website, follow the Instagram, like the Facebook, follow the Twitter and sign up for the newsletter.

I would like to thank all of you for supporting The Fine Young Gentleman.  In appreciation of all of you, I would like to offer a 10% pre-order discount code that is good until midnight of this Friday (December 5th).  The code is FYGJB and can be input during the payment process, if you choose to place an order.  As I have said in the past, things here at FYG will continue as they have for the past few years, so I hope you all will continue to read and support the blog.  As well as help me make Jay Butler a household name.  If you have any questions, comments or thoughts please do not hesitate to voice them in the comments section below.  You may also always email me at Justin@TheFineYoungGentleman.com or Help@JayButler.com.  I am looking forward to good things to come, I hope you all are as well.

In Thanks,

Justin L. Jeffers


  1. a gucci bit loafer that’s not a gucci bit loafer, neither as a shoe nor in price? I’m gettin one in each color

  2. Justin,

    Congratulations on the launch of your brand! Great looking shoes. Do you plan on making any of the Millbank bit loafer with a silver bit?

    • Jonathan,
      That is to be decided. What I may be able to do is do a custom order for them – ie, next time I place an order, have a few of them made with silver bit instead of gold bits. There have been a few requests for silver bits and I would like to accommodate them. Please send an email to help@jaybutler.com to follow up.

  3. Just got my first pair of JB loafers today…navy suede bar loafers. They’re badass. Just surprised they didnt come with a bag…the white of the box rubbed off on the shoes in transit, and considering how you have raved about keeping shoe bags…I’d have paid $10 more just to get a bag.

  4. Any chance you’ll add wider widths? The current offering seems to be D, which is a bit snug for my feet. I can squeeze in and get some stretch, but wider work better for me.

  5. Let me say, you have a beautiful line of shoes, only one thing is missing. Its seasonal, which mean not a lot of pairs the first year. Spectator, brown/white — black/white. Brook Brother had one two years ago made in England by Peal & company. I have been in the business for a long time and I think you have some of the finest loafers out there. This would add to your collection. No Body is doing it and if there is its cheaply made and does not have your quality. I am a old shoe dog and I know your business. I wish you all the loafer. I am getting ready to buy my next pair.

    • Wil,
      Thank you for the kind words. I would love to do a spectator down the line, thank you for the idea and encouragement. Have a few things that I’d like to do first but a spectator would work with the brand. Thank you for supporting Jay Butler.