Shoes: Pierre Corthay Trunk Show At Leffot

Shoes: Pierre Corthay Trunk Show At Leffot


pierre corthay
The man himself, Pierre Corthay.

Last night Steven Taffel’s venerable Leffot hosted Pierre Corthay and his shoes for a trunk show.  Leffot is one of the few stores in the United States that stocks Pierre Corthay shoes.  And to my knowledge, the only that offers a trunk show.  It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Mr. Corthay.  Whose shoes, much like those of my beloved Septieme Largeur, are of the more restrained French shoe companies.  Although the toes oft favor a more pointed shape, they are not to a point of offense, as I have seen some French and Italian shoes to be.  Which makes them versatile and highly wearable when made in more conservative colors.  But of course, there are those tweaks that make the shoes unmistakably French, such as the use of patinas.

Mr. Corthay started making shoes when he was 16.  And much like Robin Rotenier when he carved his first cufflink, Pierre Corthay knew that shoe making was his calling when he first tried it.  He worked for Berluti for a number of years and then in 1990 he broke out on his own.  He has not looked back since; rightfully so.  His ready to wear shoes retail around $1,400 and made to order shoes go for more.  But the quality is absolutely superb and the styling is distinctive and elegant.  Sadly, I was unable to purchase a pair, as they are for a man of greater means than I.  But the day I can acquire a pair of Mr. Corthay’s shoes will be indeed one worth noting.

Many thanks to Steven Taffel at Leffot and Pierre Corthay for their hospitality and time.

Keep up the good fight gents,

Justin L Jeffers

pierre corthay silver ring
This ring was made by Pierre Corthay’s brother, whom also works with the company.
corthay orange leather shoe
These shoes were obviously the most noticeable shoes on the table. I can’t say that I have ever seen orange patent leather shoes.
The patina on these suede shoes was also something that I have never seen before. It is not my style, but it is quite aesthetically pleasing.
pierre corthay navy blue shoes
These navy blue bluchers really caught me eye. They are so simple and elegant. One of my favorite pairs from the show.
pierre corthay purple shoe
A female patron remarked, “I wish I had a boyfriend I could buy these for.” I politely responded “Well, you can certainly buy them for me.” If you’re reading, miss, I am a size US10…  I would prefer the above blue shoes if possible, however.
corthay grey suede shoe
I love the strap on this shoe, especially how it extends to the sole.
pierre corthay grey suede shoe
But what I like even more is the purple lining on green piping on grey suede. Stunning.
corthay red shoe
Mr. Corthay was particularly proud of this model and how it laces up from the side.
corthay burgundy and black shoe
Note how at the base of the burgundy there is a patina that transitions into black.
corthay black suede shoes
Much like on the previous shoe, note how the color transitions from black to burgundy.
corthay oxblood wholecut shoe
Perhaps my favorite shoe of the night. I love burgundy shoes and I love wholecuts. Together we have a grand synergy.
corthay shoe piping
I am not a huge fan of elastic gussets. But, the lime green piping provides a stellar contrast to the black.
corthay olive green shoes
If I were to wear green shoes, I would want these to be them. The patina is absolutely beautiful and looks much better in person. The shape and proportions of this shoe make it one of the more beautiful shoes I have seen in recent memory.

For further information on Corthay shoes please visit Justin Fitzpatrick’s writings on Corthay over at The Shoe Snob.