The Shoepassion Shoe Review

The Shoepassion Shoe Review

shoepassion shoes

I think that it is no secret that the men’s dress shoe market is far better in Europe than it is here in the States.  This is due in large part to a proliferation of brands both old and new that sell well made and well designed shoes both online and off.  Of these brands is Shoepassion.  A German brand that has its shoe made in Spain and sells only through its website and store in Berlin.

Shoepassion launched in February 2010 and was founded by Tim Keding and Henry Bokemeier, however, I have been in contact with Tobias Borner who is Shoepassion’s PR and based on the idea of providing English style Goodyear welted dress shoes and boots at a lower price.  Shoepassion is able to maintain lower prices for its shoes relative to the market by selling directly to its customer, effectively cutting out wholesalers and other middlemen.

shoepassion shoe review
Shoes: Shoepassion.  Suit: MyTailor/Hemrajani Bros.  Shirt: Cottonwork.  Tie: Chipp2.  Bag: Beckett Simonon (review here).

I think it is easiest to categorize Shoepassion’s collection into two categories; conservative and contemporary.  Although they segment their collection into formal, contemporary, exotic (from which my shoe is from but there are other models in calf hair, python and ostrich) and boots.  There are shoes in all 4 collections that I do and don’t like.  I was particularly interested in some of the models from the exotic collection.  They have a few classic styles in exotic skins that really caught my eye.  So after some discussion, Tobias and I agreed that the No. 470 would be a suitable shoe for review (249euro or around $280 if you are outside the EU, you have to take off the 19% V.A.T.)  .  The No. 470is a brown deerskin wingtip (although the description says it is black, it is most certainly brown) and without sounding too childish, it’s pretty awesome.

shoepassion shoes
The first two things that struck me about the 470s was the texture of the deerskin and the shape of the last.  The deerskin is very very soft and has a wrinkled like texture; slightly akin to peddle grain cow leather.  Like pebble grain, it has a more casual appearance.  The last shape reminds me of some of the Alden and Allen Edmonds lasts.  It is a pretty voluminous last.  Both the heel and toe areas are wide, wider than I prefer, but that is a matter of personal taste.  I should note that I normally wear a UK9, however, with these shoes I wear a UK8.5.
shoepassion deerskin wingtip shoe
The lines of the shoe are exceptionally classic.  The pattern sits really well on the last, which is one of the first things I look at with any shoe.
shoepassion deerskin wingtip shoe
From the inside.  You can see the lining, which is a soft and smooth leather, nothing problematic with it.
shoepassion shoes
The shoe has 5 eyelets and as you can see it is a full brogue wingtip.
shoepassion shoes
The medallion on both feet sits evenly, which is important.  As you can see the stitching for the welting is even, as it should be.
shoepassion shoes
You can really see the texture of the deerskin here, I think it is beautiful.  Although it works well with really any fabric of pant, I have found that it looks particularly nice with heavier fabrics like flannel, tweed and corduroy.
shoepassion shoes
From this view you can again see the width and volume of the last.  You can also see that there is a lot of sole and welting protruding, which is a look that I like.  I really don’t like the protrusion on Alden and Allen Edmonds shoes.  The leather for the uppers is currently sourced from Italy, however, Tobias told me that some of it will soon be sourced from France.  The shoe is entirely sourced and produced in the EU, which is something Shoepassion takes pride in.
shoepassion deerskin wingtip shoe
Shoepassion sources its soles from Redenbach, which is a very well regarded sole and heel leather tannery from Germany.
shoepassion shoe review
Classic elegance.

In short these are some great shoes for the money (around $280 exl V.A.T.).  I cannot knock them at all on the quality, construction and finishing fronts.  The only complaints I have are that the last is a bit voluminous for my taste and that the shoes run a little large.  Which as long as you are okay with the former and know about the latter you shouldn’t have a problem with Shoepassion’s shoes.  That said, I can’t speak for some of the other lasts and models they have but I would imagine they are of equal quality.  So if you are in the market for some more classically styled dress shoes in the $300 price range I recommend you check out Shoepassion.



Note: FYGblog did receive the shoes being reviewed in exchange for this review.  As always, the utmost effort was taken to maintain an unbiased perspective on the product at hand.


  1. They look great! Love that dark brown color. I’ve been waiting on my SP pair for weeks and have experienced pretty severe shipping problems (on their end). Not sure if the shoes will ever arrive, actually. I sure hope they do because they look, as you said, awesome.


    • Brock,
      Good to hear from you as always. Hope you get yours soon. I should say that I had to send my first pair back because they were a half size too large, they got stuck in customs for a few weeks, perhaps that’s part of the problem? Would love to hear your thoughts when they finally come in.

  2. While living in London a few years ago, an owner of a mens specialty shoe store
    told me that Euro lasts (at least in the UK) is for a wider foot. I remember him saying that Brits feet are like ducks compared to the U.S. He did not know why.

  3. Hi folks,
    just wanted to add: A couple of weeks ago we installed a new way of shipment … premium delivery via DHL. This will only take between 4 till 6 workdays for the delivery of one of our shoes to the States.



    • Hello,

      I usually wear UK. 7! But according to your size chart that you’ve provided, my shoe size is 6.5!! Is it normal? Is the shoe size true to size?


  4. I have chosen No 432 and 438 which I will be ordering if you would help me please.These shoes will be for my grandson, who I would like to introduce to Shoe Passion. Which belt would I need to order please and would it be suitable for both shoes? please advise which short socks would match the shoes.Kindest Regards……Pam




  6. UNHAPPY above is quite correct. The 470 reviewed above is in fact $395, $130 more than the German website. They also confirmed to me in an email that they do not deduct the 19% VAT for non-EU customers, even though one of the founders said they did in a statement in 2014.

    If you are outside of the EU I suggest you steer clear or pay far more than EU customers and accept it.

  7. I ordered a pair of oxfords and gloves on September 7th, 2017. As of today, November 1, 2017 I have received nothing. Apparently Shoe Passion customer service has no clue where they are. They may make great shoes, but I may never know. Worst customer service I have ever encountered buying on the net.

  8. I ordered a pair of shoes and gloves September 7th, 2017. As of today, 11/1/2017 have received nothing. Customer service apparently has no idea where they are. They may be great shoes but I may never know. Worst customer service I have every encountered on the net.