Arnys Store Visit

Arnys Store Visit


Bonjour, welcome to Arny's

I had just finished a serious afternoon chocolate and pastry bender while on a chocolate tour around Paris’s beautiful left bank (yes, there really is an organized tour of about a half dozen chocolate and pastry shops, it was divine and can be found through a tour company called Viator).  All I wanted to do was lay down.  However, I knew I had to trek on for there was a new huge Hermes, a Hackett, Arnys and Le Bon Marche within 5 minutes of where the tour ended.  Hermes, Hackett and Le Bon Marche were all disappointing (but Le Bon Marche did have a really cool lego exhibit on architecture).  Arnys was a very pleasant surprise.  The staff was extremely courteous, which has been a rarity in many of the French stores I have visited (see Berluti post for prime example of unideal service).  The owner Jean Grimbert Arnys was present which was great.  He was very enthusiastic about his store (he was also wearing one of the ties I am about to talk about and was very proud of it) and very much so a gentleman.  I asked him if I could take pictures of his store and talk about it on my blog, he not only allowed me to take pictures but he also invited me to the premiere of the stores fall/winter line, unfortunately I will be back in New York by then. Regardless, the gesture on behalf of Monsieur Arnys was extremely kind and extremely appreciated.

In brief, Arnys is a boutique French luxury brand for men; suits, odd jackets, jackets, socks, scarves, trousers sweaters etc.  The products I saw were all very nice, a little ecentric (in that French kind of way) and unfortunately well over my budget.  And o yeah, possibly the coolest ties I have ever seen, move over Hermes.  Arnys and Charvet reign supreme in the world of French ties (more on Charvet later, hopefully much more).

Beauty Explained

The tag in the picture above explains the tie of the house (La Cravate D’Atelier) much better than I ever could so I urge you to read it. I also urge you, if in Paris, to pick one up.  They retail for 150 euro, however, like most high quality luxury goods the cost is offset over years of use.

Nothing But Silk

Most importantly the ties tie beautifully and have such a natural look to them when falling from your neck.  The silk itself is a very heavy blend which serves to give the tie some weight and girth to ensure a sufficient knot.  I saw the tie on Monsieur Arnys and it looked beautiful.

Hand Rolled. Hand Stitched.

The ties are so elegant as a result of their simplicity.  All it is is a piece of silk with hand rolled and hand stitched edges folded 7 times.  No lining, just silk.  Beauty in its simplicity.

All Down The Line


  1. Charles Tyrwhitt has some excellent 7 fold ties at a reasonable price. They sit very well against your shirt because they are quite heavy. I noticed that Paul Stuart has 5 fold ties which are very nice but more expensive.