The FYGblog Christmas Gift List

The FYGblog Christmas Gift List


Perhaps too late for some of you, too early for others and then unnecessary for the rest of you.  But regardless, I feel obligated to cull together a Christmas list for all of you looking to better either yours or someone else’s wardrobe.  Some of these products you may be already familiar with if you’ve been reading this blog for a while and other things may be new to you (and also being mentioned on the blog).  So without further delay…

– J. Fitzpatrick – Shoes.  Any of them would be a nice addition to any man’s wardrobe, however, I think the Magnolia, Laurelhurst and Wedgewood models are some of the most versatile.

– Linkson Jack/Johnston’s – Cable knit hat ($65) and cashmere gloves ($35).

cable knit hat

– Louis Walton – Custom tie ($150-250).  You can read my review on Louis Walton ties here.

– Sock Hop/Bresciani – Nordic boot sock ($45).

– American Trench – Trench coat ($725).  As a side note, American Trench is also offering FYGblog readers a 15% discount (using the code FYGSCARF) on its cotton/wool scarf, which brings the price from $72 to around $60.  The fabric is sourced from Italy and has quite a nice hand (Jacob at American Trench was nice enough to give me one).  Of more interest, however, is that the scarf was made in Philadelphia.  Not to mention the plaid pattern is quite nice as well.

– Made to measure suit – Black Lapel (review), Dragon Inside (review)or Knot Standard (review)($479-695).

– Molton Brown – Black Peppercorn Body Wash ($30).  Is $30 absurd for soap?  Yes.  But that’s why you buy this as a gift, it is the good stuff.  And the girls love it as well.

Fort Belvedere – Nearly anything, but the Peccary Gloves are a personal favorite as is the Orange & Brown Mottled Silk Knit Tie.  You may read a review on some of Fort Belvedere’s products here.

fort belvedere revifort belvedere menswear reviewew

– Hudson Sutler – Richmond Commuter Duffel ($95).  Hudson Sutler has a multiple colorways and other models as well, but I favor the Richmond and the RCS Weekender.  They also now offer gift cards.

– Albert Thurston – Suspenders.  Albert Thurston is the most well known suspender (braces) company and rightfully so.  Go for ones made of non-elastic fabric and button ends.

– Kent Wang – Polo and Rugby shirts ($65-85).

– Something with or made of fur.  Men need to start wearing more of it.  Scarves and jacket collars are a good means to start dabbling with that soft stuff.

– Monsieur Fox – Francois cufflinks ($350).  A bit of snark and a bit of sly.

– PSB – M4U 2 headphones ($399.99).  You can read my review of them here, but in short, they shit on Bose and Beats.

– Saphir – Shoe shine kit via Hanger Project ($130-595).  Shining your own shoes isn’t blue collar.  It’s theraputic and fulfilling.  And if your doing it yourself you might as well use the good stuff like Saphir.

Paul Stuart – Pretty much anything from Paul Stuart will do good for any man.  But the wool knit ties ($89.50)are nice, but the Wool/Cashmere Toggle Coat ($987) is to die for.

– Butler Luxury – Suit Hanger (review) ($28).

– FYG – Pink and green suspenders ($80).

– Books – I am Dandy ($45.99) and The Best Dressed Man In The Room ($67.99).  There are only two menswear books that came out the past year that I know of that are worthy of mention.  They also would make great gifts.

I am dandy

– Custom shirt – Luxire (review) or CottonWork (review) ($45-220).  Because a shirt is better when it is made for you…

– Quoddy – Dawson Moc ($300).  After visiting the Quoddy factory this summer I ordered a pair of these for myself and absolutely love them.

If there is any type of product or brand you are curious about or think would make a good gift leave a comment.



Note: FYGblog did not receive any material compensation from any of the above mentioned brands for being placed on this list.  Top image from here.


  1. Hi Justin, this year I have made sure that my Christmas stocking has some wardrobe goodies just for me. Admitedly no surprise factor but after last years lean pickings I am not leaving anything to chance. So as it is summer beach holiday time I have put Mr Porter to the test to see if they can deliver express to Australia in time for Christmas. So far Orlebar Brown Slim Arrons photographic print swimmers with side tabs . Also Herrings Jeffery West black brogue chukka boots. Still waiting for DHL to deliver Swims deckshoes, J Crew mid length shorts and Orlebar Brown slim fit white linen shirt and Illesteva tortoiseshell sunglasses with blue lenses. Regards Geoff. Merry Christmas.