Made To Measure Suiting: MySuit Review, II

Made To Measure Suiting: MySuit Review, II


In my previous post on My.Suit in which I discussed the process of getting measured, choosing the various details of the suit and the initial alterations needed on the suit it is now time to discuss the final fit of the suit.  In a third post I will have a discussion that focuses more on the construction of the suit.  In review, things have gone well so far.  The fit from the factory was decent, but I by no means expected it to be perfect.  So it was sent to the tailor.

Upon getting the suit back from the tailor it looks about how I wanted to it.  There is a slight break in the pants, 1/4-1/2″ of cuff showing at the wrist, a decent ‘Y’ shape when viewed from behind and a trim silhouette.  My only concerns are the pulling of fabric at the center of the upper back and creasing in the lower back.  I originally let out a little fabric at the waist to ease up on the creasing, however, if too much is let out the jacket will lose some of its shape.  Basically, I just had to come to the conclusion that I have a ‘large seat’ as it was put to me…  I think the issue at the shoulders was partly from how I was standing at the time.  But down the road if the problem persists a trip to the tailor can always be made.

I have two other points of slight contention, which cannot be amended by a tailor.   The first is the buttoning point of the jacket.  It seems that higher buttoning points are the trend right now, which is perhaps the reason for this, or perhaps it is the house style.  Either way I do not deem myself to be a man of trends and I would move it down 1/4-1/2″ because I think it would be a better look.  I would like to note that My.Suit has an option that allows you to move the buttoning point up and down a little bit, so in the future this issue can be avoided.  The second thing I would like to point out is the positioning of the gorge (the point where the lapel meets the collar), I would ideally have liked it to be about 1/4″ higher.  Generally, a higher gorge will give an illusion of more height, which in my case could be beneficial.  In conclusion, I am quite happy with the fit of the suit and it fits better than any off the rack suits I have, even those from much higher price points.  And fit is paramount.


    • Break is largely a matter of preference. I prefer a slight break in my pants, which I think in this case has been achieved pretty well. However, some gents may prefer a little more break and thus have their pants longer. Conversely, some would prefer less of a break and they would have their trousers shorter.

  1. I really appreciate your insight into the world of MTM suits. I am debating going for my first MTM suit from either MySuit or Black Lapel. My question concerns the armhole “placement” in both since I know you have tried both. I am a stickler about having “high armholes” and having the shoulders and upper chest area of a suit fit properly when in movement. That, in my opinion, is the biggest problem with off-the-rack suits – the inability to have a tailor fix the armhole issue. In your experience, how does each company do in terms of proper armhole heighth (or better put) smaller or larger arm openings? Is this something that is adjusted with the measurements entered? Thanks and I look forward to continuing to read your blog.