Made To Measure Suiting Battle Royale

Made To Measure Suiting Battle Royale


A few weeks back I did a post on the first part of my experience at My.Suit.  The second part is soon to come.  I have decided to expand upon that article into a made to measure suit battle royale, of sorts (somewhat like Celebrity Deathmatch, but not quite as gruesome).  The contenders will be My.Suit, Indochino and Alton Lane.  I am soon to order a suit from Indochino and a good friend of mine has ordered one from Alton Lane and I have been documenting accordingly, so I will have direct experience with each of the three companies.  Criteria will be things like fit, quality, value, customer service, options and anything else that contributes to the experience.

I have chosen these three contenders for a few reasons, and they are simple.  First, they are all in the same price range, roughly $500 (although Indochino’s ‘Essentials’ collection is at $379, a great first impression).  Given that this blog is aimed toward the younger crowd who may not have the financial means for a $1,000 suit I think this is an appropriate price range.  Perhaps at a later date I will venture into more expensive tailored clothing but for now we shall stick to this price level.  Second, they are all available in New York City and online (Indochino is only available online, but that still counts as NYC in my book) so regardless of where you live these companies are accessible to you. Third, I have been curious about each of them for some time and I do find it hard to resist exploring my curiosities.

I intend to conclude the series with a summary of the pros and cons of each company and make recommendations for which company may suit different tastes and different circumstances better.  My hope is to make the suit search easier for all of you and as always, to help men dress better.