Maus & Hoffman Store Visit (Well, Kinda…)

Maus & Hoffman Store Visit (Well, Kinda…)


As many of you know I was down in Florida this weekend, in particular Bonita Springs (between Ft. Myers and Naples).  Unfortunately, there’s not really much quality menswear shopping down in southwest Florida, at least not that I have been able to find yet (but there is some amazing ice cream and chocolate). Luckily, there is one shining light in Naples called Maus & Hoffman (at 3rd st south and 14th ave, there are also locations in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale).  Unlucky, it was closed when I went to stop by, mind you, this was 5:45pm on a Saturday.  I was rather livid when I arrived only to find a closed store.  Unfortunately, all of the pictures had to be taken through the windows.  But I have been to both the Naples and Palm Beach locations and will say some of the stock is quite good (they have quite a wide variety of bit and other loafers, which is obviously pretty badass) and much of it is geared toward resort and warm weather wear.  But then again, some of it is pretty bad (ie. really really really old fogey stuff).  Much of the stuff stocked is the house label the rest of from high quality menswear labels like Hickey Freeman.  If you are in the area I would recommend the detour, just call ahead of time to make sure their open.

Oh, and for that amazing ice cream stop by Royal Scoop in Bonita Springs and for some of the best tasting and most decadent chocolates ever hit up Norman Love Confections in Naples and Fort Meyers (they also ship things which is always good to keep in mind, especially around the holidays).  Both are best enjoyed liberally.


  1. Thanks Mr. Fine Young Gentleman, and I am sorry our store was closed when you were there. Our Ft. Lauderdale store is open until 6pm, and before Christmas on Sundays. Our Palm Beach store is open even more hours. Our location in Naples is a little quieter at night, and does not warrant later hours. The pictures look great though. Thanks for the good words.

    Tom Maus, Jr
    Maus & Hoffman