‘Tis The Season: Menswear Christmas List

‘Tis The Season: Menswear Christmas List


Christmas is upon us (or Haunnukah if that’s your jam).  Cookies, ugly sweater parties and gifts proliferate almost all aspects of life.  You’re on your own for ugly sweaters.  But I do recommend you get cookies from Hope’s Cookies of Bryn Mawr.  And I obviously have suggestions on the gifts; both to give and receive.  Many of the things have been mentioned previously on the blog, some as reviews and others as generally good products.  But either way, they will all make good gifts.

– Shoes from Meermin (review), Septieme Largeur (review) and J. Fitzpatrick (which hasn’t opened for business yet but shall soon, and I believe the shoes will be worth the wait).

– Suspenders from Albert Thurston and myself (in case you missed, I had some suspenders made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric).

– Ties and pocket squares from Louis Walton (review), The Knottery and Armstrong & Wilson.

– Made to measure suiting from Black Lapel (review), Indochino (review), Knot Standard (review pending) and MyTailor (review).

– Made to measure/custom shirts from MyTailor (review), Luxire (review), JJ Threads (review) and Cotton Work (review pending).

– Socks from Dapper Classics (review) and Mes Chaussettes Rouges

– Cufflinks from Rotenier (review).

– Hangers and clothing care accessories from Hanger Project (review) and Butler Luxury Hangers (review pending).

– Anything from Paul Stuart.




  1. Ah…Hope’s. Best preceded by a Gullifty’s reuben sandwich (I’m a transplanted Main Liner, but will never forget the roots)…

    Re: Meermin vs. Septieme Largeur…Which of the two do you find have the narrower toe? Your review of Meermin cited (what I infer) as a bit of apprehension on the pointy last, so I was curious as to your thoughts after several months.

    Wonderful site, by the way. Well done. I tripped upon it while searching reviews for Black Lapel and Indochino, and plan to visit again soon.

    • RadRaider,
      I can only assume you went to Radnor… It all depends on the last. The Meermin linea maestro last is more pointed than the septieme largeur shoes I have. However, the meermin classic line lasts are not near as pointy. And over the past few months I have become accustomed to the sharper linea maestro last and it would not deter me from buying more of the shoes. But to be honest, its a matter of preference and your tastes and tolerances for a sharper chisel toe could be different from mine. Let me know if you have any other questions.