Made To Measure Suiting, Alton Lane Pt II

Made To Measure Suiting, Alton Lane Pt II


You may be wondering why it has been so long since I last discussed Alton Lane.  Truth be told the jacket had to be remade (and may have to be remade a second time) which delayed things a few weeks.  Before we proceed may I recommend you get caught up on things by reading the first post in this series if you have not done so thus far.

In my mind there are two reasons remakes must occur.  First, the cost of making the necessary alterations to make a jacket fit well is greater than the cost of remaking the jacket (Alton Lane foots the bill for alterations up to a certain amount, I think $75).  Second, there is an error in the jacket that cannot be tailored.  In our case it was the latter, the sleeves were about .75″ too short (see the picture below).  I also had slight concern over the vent, it looks to be slightly open when at rest.    The last thing I would like to point out is that they did little or nothing to address the difference in the height of the left and right shoulder.  You will notice that the right is noticeably lower than the left (it is not due to his stance, the issue remains in the remake photos which were taken over a month later).  I would think that a little something could be done to address this issue, as it is the case on almost all men that the shoulders are not of equal height.  There are other aspects of the jacket that need altering, from this photo you can tell a little can be taken in on parts of the back and a little can also be taken in at the chest, but this is really of no concern as it can easily be fixed by a tailor and it would be wise for Alton Lane to error on the conservative side and have too much in the chest and back than too little.  However, the trouser fit was on point.  I fully compliment Alton Lane on the trousers, but I cannot say the same for the jacket.

The second jacket was an improvement, somewhat.  The sleeve length issue has been resolved.  But the open vent, excess fabric in the back and shoulder height issues remain; which would make sense because as far as I know the only alteration made for the remake was the sleeve length.  I have advised my friend to discuss a second remake to address the vent and shoulder issues (he should’ve listened to me in the first place when I told him to get a side vented jacket though), so unfortunately I cannot conclude on the fit of the suit quite yet.  View the pictures below for the remake fit and check back for updates; there will likely be two more posts in the Alton Lane series.

Note: do not worry, there is still a final post on My.Suit coming in the near future as well as the second post on Indochino coming this week.


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