Septieme Largeur Store Visit

Septieme Largeur Store Visit


Norwegian Welted Double Monks With Limited Edition Leather

This post goes back a few weeks to when I was in Paris.  I was referred to Septieme Largeur by a new friend of the blog and fellow blogger The Shoe Snob (whom I will have a post about soon).  Much like The Shoe Snob I am very enthusiastic about Septieme Largeur.  The shoes are of solid quality but more importantly they are a great value.

Septieme Largeur is a new French shoe brand that is related to Markowski (another French brand); the shoes are designed in Paris and produced in Spain.  The team behind the brand is an uncle and nephew duo.  I spent some time with the nephew, Mathieu, who does much of the design of the shoes and got a great picture of the brand.  In the next few posts I will do a brand profile of Septieme Largeur in which I will go much more in depth about the past, present and future of Septieme Largeur.  But in the meantime, check out the website at

Driving Loafer Rainbow (also available as slippers)

Many times I have spoken of ‘Holy Grails,’ this would be one of them.  When I first saw this display I nearly lost it, I got so excited.  The quality and comfort of the drivers is very high, a small step below Tod’s.  However, the price is a third of Tod’s, only 100 euro on sale (150 euro non sale).   The price/value ratio is extremely high on these.  I got them in purple suede and will do a post on how they hold up to normal wear in the future.


You don’t see shoes like these in America.  Please note the contrasting textures of the leathers.  Beautiful.

2-Tone Custom Patinas

Mathieu, the nephew and creative brain behind Septieme Largeur was thinking of calling this two-tone patina the ‘Chuck Bass.’


I had never seen shoes in this color before, but then Mathieu explained to me that these were uncolored shoes.  In addition to black, brown and a variant of oxblood Septieme Largeur also creates custom patinas which cost an additional 50 euro.  In essence the leather was completely raw.  In his workshop below the store Mathieu paints the shoes whatever color the customer desires.  Some of the custom patinas can been seen in the picture below.  I have never before seen or heard of a store that does this but I will say that it is very cool.

Custom Patinas