My Thoughts On Suitsupply, Finally…

My Thoughts On Suitsupply, Finally…

suitsupply suits

suitsupply review

I have perhaps received as many inquiries on Suitsupply as I have on any number of the made to measure brands I have discussed, and not discussed.  The question is oft worded like this “[in regard to my recommendation to go made to measure] Okay, but what about Suitsupply?”  A simple enough question.  So I try to keep my answer equally as simple.  My response is often something like this, “I full heartedly recommend going made to measure, whether at Suitsupply or elsewhere.  I am not familiar with Suitsupply’s made to measure operation, however, based off of their off the rack stuff I would reckon it is of solid value.  Now regarding their off the rack stuff, which is what I believe you are inquiring about.  Suitsupply is likely the best off the rack suit you will find for the price, and even at a higher price.  Both in terms of fit and quality.”

Unfortunately, I cannot give a proper review on the suits at Suitsupply, as I do not own any of them.  So I cannot fully endorse their product.  Although I have done a brief review on a pair of their shoes.  I have however, gone into the store at least once every season since it opened in Soho and have been impressed with their offerings.  Which are slowly expanding from just suits to casual and sportswear.  Although some of the cuts are a bit aggressive and trendy for me, others are quite good.  But that is more of a matter of taste, and yours may be different than mine.  But regardless, Suitsupply’s suits are remarkably better than those from Jos A Bank, which are the sartorial equivalent of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  I even came very very close to purchasing the blue and white houndstooth 3-piece suit (3rd to last photo below) when I stopped in on New Years Eve day (the day when these photos were taken).

Fortunately, Suitsupply is expanding its presence here in the States.  They have opened outposts in DC and Chicago, amongst other cities, and are opening a store in center city Philadelphia in the middle of February.  Which will be a great addition to the city, as the vast majority of its inhabitants have historically atrocious style.  So all is not lost for our great city.


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suit supply review

suitsupply review

suit supply review

suitsupply suits

suit supply suits

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  1. The staff were more interested in looking in the mirror at them selves than serving the customers, would not visit the shop again.I like ther shirts so would shop on line.what a pity. The company should send in a mystery shopper to see for tem selves.

  2. The staff were more interested in looking in the mirror at them selves than serving the customers, would not visit the shop again.I like ther shirts so would shop on line.what a pity. The company should send in a mystery shopper to see for them selfs.

  3. I highly recommend Suit Supply. They’ve an strong attention to detail and use high quality fabrics. They’re comparable in quality to far more expensive suits.

  4. Not really one for leaving reviews but as I just spent the pass 3 days shopping for a last minute suit for a family wedding i thought I’d share my experience.
    Having wondered in the bentall center with the wife and kid on Sunday, my browsing became a fitting and my wife handed me a supper nice snug Hugo boss black lable 3 piece. Being a hugo boss it fit like a glove, as per design I’m that way incline. however after spending the Tuesday after wandering around regent Street and savile row, I return to the Bentall centre to buy the one suit that fit better that all the rest. Sadly, after having used forums like this one and being educated some what by all the other retailers and tailor along my journey, I was no long impressed by the Glove that showed me all that love. In fact it was more that I was now awear of the imperfect that hugges me so snug. I therefore return to a store that, initally ignored me on my first visit but where more welcomed the second time round d (6pm 1st time round – 10am second time round). That being boggi, and wow, what lovely suits they have, sadly not quite fitting to my shape and they would rather tell me that than sell the £600 suit plus shirt, tie etc…….. instead, they directed me to Suit Supply(for the 2nd time from 2 different stores. They also recommended Hackett btw).
    My first visit was not so customer friendly, having enquired about a light coloured lite weight suit 3 weeks after the season change, they dismissed me almost instantly. Later that same day with, zimp zero time left to make a plan, I pop back in on  my to j crew (to reluctantly pick up a £700 2 piece), and was in and out of SS in 30 minutes with a new suit, shirt, 2 ties, and 2 pocket square (all for under £400). The suit was the same material as boggi (inferior in cut and overall style) but better value, and the staff second time round were excellent, what a contrast from dusk till dawn. In closing, I’ve had a stressful  experience trying to buy a good suit, it shouldnt need to be this hard but when there are big dogs out there braking louder than everyone else, we need to take heed and listen out for the whispers of those who know best! Q