Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank You To Our Sponsors


Every now and then I find it prudent to specifically highlight those brands that support this blog on a consistent basis.  You can find them on the right sidebar.  They represent brands that I have personal experience with and that I think very highly of.  But not just the brands and their products but the people behind them.  They are also brands that, if I did not receive items for review and sponsorship I would (and have in the past) spend my own money on the brands’ goods.  That said, I feel comfortable recommending each of the brands to you.  If you have any questions about any of them, please feel free to ask in the comments or email me at

MyTailor (known as Hemrajani Brothers in some circles) is my tailor of choice for more unique and exquisite suits and jackets (review here).  Like the tweed suit you see below (which cost around $1,400).  I think that the value they provide is exceptional – they can craft a near bespoke (or arguably bespoke) suit of reputable quality for around $1,000.

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit
Suit: MyTailor. Shirt: Brooks Brothers. Tie: Chipp2. Pocket Square: Fine & Dandy Shop. Suspenders: Albert Thurston. Shoes: Meermin. Socks: Mazarin.

Cottonwork is my go-to shirt maker (review here).  They have an extensive fabric collection ($55-155) and have been able to meet every unique request I have had thus far; including monogram placement, collar point length, stitching color, horizontal stripes and more.  And not to mention they have a plethora of button options as well as 3 levels of collar and cuff stiffness.  I have around 30 shirts from CottonWork and they are my most worn shirts.

Horizontal Striped shirt
Shirt: CottonWork. Suit: MySuit. Suspenders: Albert Thurston. Tie: Arcuri (Linkson Jack).

Butler Luxury produces some of the, if not the, finest hangers that I have ever seen (review here).  I realize that it sounds absurd to spend $28 on a suit hanger.  But I can say that it is one of those things that once you start, you can’t stop.  The hangers not only do a great service to your suits but they also make your closet look infinitely better when compared to plastic and metal hangers.

Hanger: Butler Luxury.  Rug: Claire Murray.
Hanger: Butler Luxury. Rug: Claire Murray.

Lastly, we have J. Fitzpatrick Footwear.  A review of the shoes is on the way ($420-600), in the meantime, you can check some photos I took of them here.  Over the past year the shoes have worn quite well and I would recommend them to anyone/everyone.  J. Fitzpatrick is the brainchild of fellow blogger Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob

J. Fitzpatrick Footwear
J. Fitzpatrick Footwear


  1. I wrote before re:same subject…your weight and age.I think I got it figured out.
    You look so much younger and lighter without sun glasses,and doing ‘inside shoots.’The outside shot shown above(tweed suit) places a shadow on your face, erroniously making you appear to have a ‘double chin.’
    The above (blue pin stripe suit)sans shading and glasses,I believe ,bears out my belief.
    Keep up the good work !!!
    Sometime, maybe you could comment on your thoughts regarding ,occasionally , placing glasses in coat breast pocket , instead of a pocket square.
    Thank You,
    Bob W.

  2. Not sure if the issue is with your site or on my end but when I click on the banner for j.fitzpatrick it just refreshes the page right back to your blog. The problem only seems to happen with their ad. I google searched them and browsed the site anyway but I think it would make more sense to click from here so they know that their sponsorship is paying off.