The 2015 Last Minute Menswear Christmas Gift List

The 2015 Last Minute Menswear Christmas Gift List

Jay Butler Olive Green Suede Penny Loafer 2

It is far from too late to finish up your Christmas shopping. And if you are anything like me, you are just beginning to do your shopping; even though I made my list of what I wanted weeks ago.  Time is of the essence so I’m not going to bother with much small talk.  Just a few words about some of the items on the list, in case you are wondering, I have personal experience with most of these items.  Additionally, this year, I decided to add a few non-menswear items as well.  Good to diversify sometimes.  Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go watch Home Alone and Christmas Vacation…


modest man casual shirtThe Modest Man casual button up shirt – $98

Fellow blogger Brock McGoff over at The Modest Man (a style blog for shorter guys) is turning his talk into walk and has developed a button down shirt with a style and fit optimized for shorter guys.


RHA MA450i headphones – $50

Currently on my 2nd or 3rd pair of these and they are my favorite in ear headphone that I have found to date.  They work equally well in the gym as they do in the office or on the airplane.  The sound is well rounded and they do not fall out of your ear easily.

BeanBootBelt__76780.1443189266.1280.1280Tucker Blair Duck Boot needlepoint belt – $145

You wear them on your feet, so why not on your waist?


Fort Belvedere socks 6 pack – $180

Raphael was nice enough to send me a few pair of his socks a while back and they are not only well made, but also well styled.  Check the whole collection, as they have some pretty unique styles and colors.


Jay Butler olive suede penny loafer – $195 (see photo above)

Take a classic style of shoe and add a classic color that isn’t often used on shoes and this is what you get.  Admittedly, biased on this I am, but these are some sharp kicks and the olive green goes with just about everything.


Shun Gentlemans knife – $125

Because why don’t you need your own steak knife, whether at home or at a restaurant.


Albert Thurston braces – $75-150

The creme de la creme of braces.


Setting The Table by Danny Meyer – $9

Of the many books I have read on business, marketing and entrepreneurship this one continually sticks out in my memory as one of the better books.  As well as one who’s principles are easily applied.


blue check shetland suitOliver Wicks blue check shetland tweed suit – $599

I received this suit to write about it a few weeks back and it very well may end up being my most worn suit this coming winter season.


Canterbury rugby shorts – $34

A few months back I decided to take up the game of rugby.  Aside from it being a great game and a great time, the shorts are legit.  They are now my go to gym short, I prefer the Canterbury Advantages.


sebastian ward open collar shirtSebastian Ward shirts – $99

The Sebastian Ward shirt is one of the few off the rack shirts I have that I wear. It is well made, fits well and has a unique style. I still owe both you the readers and the guys at SW a review but consider this my endorsement of them.


Shirt Cycle shirts – Varies but around $100/shirt

Much like Sebastian Ward shirts, I owe a review of Shirt Cycle’s shirts. Again, consider this my endorsement of Shirt Cycle. Anyway, the brand makes custom shirts on a subscription basis. In that, customers are given a few fabrics to choose from every few months and once the fabrics are selected the customer is sent a new set of shirts.


Boll & Branch bedding set – $200-275 (depending on bed size)

One of the first organic and direct to consumer bedding companies to make a name for itself I decided to cop a set of sheets earlier in the year and have been sleeping on clouds since.


Butler Luxury suit hangers – $22-35

These are still the big man on campus when it comes to fine wooden hangers for your suits and jackets.  I use them for all of my suits.


naples-surveyorsBank & Surf beach map – $325-550

Have a favorite town or beach spot; Nantucket, Avalon, Charleston etc?  This upstart out of Philadelphia has some of the coolest maps around.  You choose your town, the color you want the map in and the frame you want.  Orders have to be called in, but the staff is super friends and helpful.


Chipp knit ties – $55

You’d be hard pressed to find better silk knit ties for less.  It is a pretty well regarded rule of menswear that Paul Winston never disappoints.

grey-calf-leather-womens-handbag-purse-silver-hardware-jay-butler-marylynJay Butler women’s handbags – $195-595

Still have to get a gift for the lady in your life?  Now Jay Butler has you covered.