The 2016 Menswear Christmas List

The 2016 Menswear Christmas List


The Christmas season is indisputably one of the best times of the year.  ‘Tis the season to ask your loved ones to buy you the things that you would or even better, would not buy for yourself.  And that is a beautiful thing.  Here are a few ideas to add to your own list or if you are shopping for the man in your life.

Jay Butler Silk Knit Tie

jay butler silk knit tiesI have long professed my love of knit ties. These are some of, if not the nicest I’ve ever seen (obviously I am biased since I own Jay Butler). Made by the same factory that Drake’s uses so you know these will not disappoint.

Chubbies fleece shorts

chubbies-fleece-shorts-shepherdsBecause they are soft in all the right places

Armoury Valet

armoury-valetIf I had $600 sitting around there is decent chance it would be spent on this.  Do I need it?  Absolutely not.  But would it be great to have it?  Absolutely.

Oliver Wicks Brown Flannel Suit

oliver-wicks-brown-vbc-flannel-suitSo fresh. So clean. Dark green is definitely an underutilized suit color, especially in seasonal fabrics like the VBC flannel.

Hudson Sutler Sconset Cooler Bag

sconset_side_view_1024x1024For the day on the beach.  Or the day in the park.  Or just for life.

M Gemi Grotta Deerskin Boot

m-gemi-grotta-deerskin-bootWant that clunky boot sole but a butter soft upper? Look no further. I’ve been wearing a pair of these around for the last few weeks and love them.

Dapper Classics Socks

dapper-classics-brown-socksTo go with that brown flannel suit.

Jay Butler Shoe Care Kit

shoe-cleaning-shining-and-care-kit-jay-butlerYou took the time to invest in good shoes, now take the time to take care of them.

UE Boom

ue-boom-blackMusic that goes with you. Just don’t be that douchebag who plays his music for all to hear while walking down the street or on mass transit.

Art framing

framemytv1090Any guy who made it far enough to graduate college should know that it is time to part ways with the posters of musicians, quotes and cars taped on the wall. Maybe he has that great print or painting that looks nice but needs some help. But it would look great if it had a proper frame. You would be surprised what a difference a frame can make.

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Corduroys


I think I have 7 pair of these, enough said, right?

Butler Luxury suit hanger

suit-hanger-v3_1024x1024I keep putting these on the list because proper suit care cannot be emphasized enough. Yes, they are expensive, but they are beautiful.

A good book

shoe-dog-phil-knightA few books that I have read over the past year that come to mind are a team of teams (Stanley McChrystal) and Shoe Dog (Phil Knight).

Remote control car/chopper

zx-35819-lgBecause being a child never gets old