The Paul Stuart Christmas List

The Paul Stuart Christmas List

phineas cole tux

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend an event at Paul Stuart that commended the unveiling of the newest set of window displays, which were done in collaboration with Town & Country (images can be seen below).  But my visit got me thinking of my previously released Christmas list.  Namely, the last item which was ‘anything from Paul Stuart.’  Well, I did some browsing and narrowed down ‘anything’ to a favored 15 items that span the entire Paul Staurt range minus suiting (we will cover their bespoke suiting in the near future).  So, if any of you readers have the urge to send your faithful narrator something I wear a US10 shoe, 40 jacket, 32 waist and medium shirt/sweater.  Or just use this use this list as a guide to buy gifts for yourself or the men in your life.  Either way, enjoy liberally.

Phineas Cole Wool Cape Coat – 1,987.00

Phineas Cole Cashmere Plaid Tie – 178.50

Phineas Cole Cashmere Cable Knit Tie (gray) – 178.50

Phineas Cole Wool Houndstooth Tie (purple) – 159.50

Phineas Cole Silk/Cashmere Houndstooth Check Pocket Square (blue/green)– 79.50

Paper Clip Money Clip – 79.50

Retro Aviator Sunglasses – 467.00

Skull and Crossbone Braces (navy and olive) – 128.50

Quilted Wool Barn Jacket (gold) – 897.00

Wool/Cashmere Plaid Robe – 697.00

Silk Paisley Scarf (aubergine) – 287.00

Fitzwillian Cap-Toe (tan) – 678.00

Cashmere Ribbed Shawl Collar Cardigan (navy) – 897.00

Wool Houndstooth Check Tie – 139.50

Printed Silk Madder Paisley Tie – 139.50

paul stuart window

paul stuart winter 2013

paul stuart womens jacket

paul stuart womens jacket

town and country paul stuart

paul stuart umbrella

paul stuart

paul stuart barncoat

phineas cole burgundy coat

phineas cole tux

paul stuart womens jacket

paul stuart velvet jacket

paul stuart paisley robe

Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of compensation from Paul Stuart in the production of this post.


  1. Justin,

    Fantastic post on the Paul Stuart/Town & Country Event. I too was there last night and indulged both my eyes and palate in tremendously refined displays of both menswear and refreshments. The Event was top class and phenomenally represented both PS and TC.

    Although I’ve yet to have the pleasure of owning a Paul Stuart bespoke suit, I had enlightening conversations with a number of gentleman last night. There seriousness about their profession and offerings was top notch.

    Overall, I think you’re list is a comprehensive array of all PS has to offer without delving into the the overly-indulgent.

    My passion for well made menswear and developing a sense of style has become renewed since moving into the city and I would very much like to assist with your work in any way possible.

    Again, great job on this post and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Brian,
      Thanks for the kind words. You can always help by spreading the blog and setting a good example to others by dressing well. Do let me know if you have any questions in the future.

  2. Yes I agree – definitely just about anything from Paul Stuart should be high on the list of any gentlemen for a Christmas wish list. Conservative perhaps but strong colours and patterns put it up a notch or two. Always on the top of my list to visit when in New York- unfortunately not this year due to socialist government and moribund economy in Australia- hopefully in 2013!

  3. The plaid three-piece in the middle is oisutandtng as is the last one. Sure, it’s a powerful statement, the colors and patterns, but when you’ve worn them in past pots (the sick DB coats and that killer suit), to me, they translate incredibly well. I, too, have never been a fan of the argument that these pieces aren’t for the everyday, real world. Sometimes, the real-world needs a jolt of energy. Enter Phineas Cole.Keep rockin’ the suits, and I’ll, more than likely, keepin hatin’ on you for it.I look forward to seeing which one you settle on.K