A Visit to the Drake’s Store in New York City

A Visit to the Drake’s Store in New York City


A few weeks ago New York City was blessed with the opening of the Drake’s store, located at 39.5 Crosby st.  Drake’s has long been one of my favorite men’s accessory brands so I felt it fitting to stop by the store to check it out.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Drake’s it is a London based men’s accessories brand, most notably known for their neckwear.  Although they have recently begun delving into the world of ready to wear (and I believe some MTM) clothing.  If memory serves me right, for now the store is the only distribution point for the ready to wear clothing.  The brand’s style is classic English with a bit of flair, mostly of the Italian sort; the good sort and not the bad.  The resulting synergy is elegant, refined and masculine.

The gents at the store were nice enough to host and speak with me about the brand and the store.  Most importantly, however, they let me take some photos and video which I’ve put together in the short video below.  If you are a fan of tailored men’s clothing and happen to find yourself in NYC, the store is well worth a stop.  Just make sure you bring your wallet, your wardrobe will thank you.  Thanks for watching.



Note: this is not a sponsored post.