Dandy Wellington Via The Dandy Portaits Video

Dandy Wellington Via The Dandy Portaits Video

dandy wellington

I would like to continue with my theme from yesterday.  That is, knowing and wearing what works for you.  A man who exemplifies this ethos better than most is Dandy Wellington.

Dandy, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with a few times, was recently featured in Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams’ book I Am Dandy.  He is also the band leader of Dandy Wellington and His Band, a NYC based jazz ensemble.

Anyway, Rose and Kelly Desmond Bray (aka Rarebit Productions) put out a video a few days ago profiling Dandy (titled The Dandy Portraits – Dandy Wellington).  In it he talks about his style and what style is to him.  As to be expected, it is overflowing with beautiful clothing, style and setting – for that alone it is worth the view.

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Photo credit: Dandy Wellington/A New York Dandy


  1. You made me smile. I’ve been putting off wearing my Kilim shoes … plans afoot to wear them tonight!