Different Suits For Different Cities

Different Suits For Different Cities

how to dress for international travel

In the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to travel to both Las Vegas and Mexico for purposes that were not completely leisure or fun.  As part of the travels I found myself wearing a suit for some of the days.

Needless to say, Las Vegas and Mexico allow for two different levels of dress.  In Las Vegas, pretty much anything goes.  And given I was there to attend the MRket, Project, Capsule and other shows one could especially wear whatever they pleased.  Given that, I took the liberty to put together some rather aggressive ensembles.  Including some based around the cream linen suit and purple suede wingtips (both pictured below).

dressing for travel
Navy (unbranded) instead of cream pinstripe (Dragon Inside).

Mexico, it would be wiser, I figured, to tone things down a few levels.  So I opted to replace the cream linen with a navy silk/wool blend jacket and the purple suede with brown suede.  Much more conservative choices.  In the end, I was glad I toned things down.  I don’t mind attracting attention with some of my wardrobe pieces, but I do not like to overdo it.  Especially in a foreign country, which a cream suit would have certainly overdone it in the part of Mexico I was in.

dressing for travel
Brown suede (Brooks Brothers) instead of purple suede (Herring).

Part of this was just dressing appropriately for the circumstance and the other part I would like to label as sartorial relativism.