FYGblog Hits YouTube With Style Advice

FYGblog Hits YouTube With Style Advice

canadian field jacket

It is no secret that many people prefer watching something to reading it.  It is often an easier and more passive activity.  It is also becoming a larger part of blogging and online media, rightfully so.

So to do our part, Savile Row Society and I got together up in NYC to shoot a couple short videos on my thoughts on various aspects of men’s style.  Savile Row Society, in short, is a new men’s personal styling service, which if that is something you are interested in give their website a look.

Topics range from basic things your wardrobe should have to ideas on grooming, both things I don’t usually feel like writing about here on the blog.  There are 5 videos as of now, I imagine more will be published so keep checking back.  You can watch them below by letting them play though on the first video or go to Savile Row Society’s YouTube page.

Thanks to Lisa Dolan, founder and CEO of Savile Row Society for doing the interviewing and McNally Jackson Books (which is one of my favorite stops every time I am in NYC) for letting us film in their store.



PS – if you are at all curious what I am wearing in the videos: suit by A Suit That Fits, shirt from SockHopNY, vest from Uniqlo, tie from Paul Stuart, boots from L.L. Bean, scarf from Beretta and I am unsure of who made the jacket but it is an old Canadian military field jacket.


  1. Hi Justin,
    Your video showed you to be a really good looking guy,and much younger than your photos..You appear much thinner than your photos…visible cheek bones…an all-around handsome look. And your voice is very pleasant.I only wish you spoke a little louder,and that the music was less distracting.
    If you did not lose some weight, my only explanation is that the fur collar definitely makes you look heavier.But even with that being said, you appear to be significantly thinner. The camera certainly agrees with you.You come across as very professional and knowledgeable…and a very nice and pleasant person. Spend more time on camera…that is a PERFECTLY TAILORED FIT for you.
    Good Luck Always,
    Bob Walsh

  2. nice enhancement to the typical text/photo offerings. what i believe is the most effective element is that your message is concise and digestible. it spurs some thoughts and allows your readers an opportunity to pursue the subject matter of the videos if the interest is such.

    it’s hopeful you’ll continue to offer these at your site.