If Not For Trying…

If Not For Trying…


If not for trying new combinations of suit, shirt, tie, shoes and the like how would we know what works; how would we really be able to push our personal style forward.  Yes, we can lay out all of the items neatly together and say to ourselves ‘ah, yes, this works quite well’ and then put everything on and be easily satisfied.  Or we can revert to an old tried and true combination that gives us particular comfort.  Both fine options.  Safer options.

But then there are those days where we want to change things up a bit more than usual.  Push our limits a bit more.  We say to ourselves, ‘ah, yes, this may work.’  But maybe the socks are too aggressive or the pocket square too bright.  And then there are those things you can really only judge once you’ve put everything on and worn it.  Maybe the tie knot it too small for the shirt collar.  Maybe the socks are too aggressive, but they still work because I am wearing lace-ups and pants with a fuller break so others don’t see my socks much.  In short, I think this all really goes back to the fact that the 3d form presents things in a different way than the 2d form.  We can’t truly judge how things will really look until we wear them together and try.  So try we must.