Inspiration From Outside The Box

Inspiration From Outside The Box


blues and tan

I take inspiration for what I wear from many places; nature, photos, other men and the windows at Paul Staurt (as we all know they are the best windows in NYC, sorry Barneys and Bergdorfs).  But most often I take it from my mind and mood.  Admittedly, none of the sources noted are novel or groundbreaking, they need not be to be good though.  Then there is the random occasion when I will take inspiration from something totally different (which, admittedly may also not be novel or groundbreaking).  Such as the throw pillow in the photo.

The colors of the pillow work beautifully together; a few shades of a blue and a creamy white.  Below the pillow you will see my sartorial adaptation of the pillow.  A few shades of blue and cream.  Add in a few extra shades of brown on the pocket square and the ensemble is complete.  Think outside the box.