On Las Vegas…

On Las Vegas…


Las Vegas is absurd.  There is really no way around that fact.  Everything about the place is designed to let hedonism flourish (and take your money at the same time).  And I, my friends, am a fan of hedonism.  Anyway, a few useful tips that my friends and I learned along the way over our time there.  If you are a seasoned veteran these tips will likely not apply to you, but if you are not, you may want to read up.

1.  Sleep as little as possible, it should not be a primary activity.  Your time is better spent enjoying Vegas.

2.  Everything and everyone has a price.  Try to make friends with the doormen, promoters and the like.

3.  Generally speaking, the guys dress terribly and the girls barely dress at all.  Girls will not be considered properly dressed unless their heels are at least 4″.  I feel bad for their fathers.

4.  Most, if not all clubs have a dress code.  Know to wear pants and dress shoes (in this specific case by ‘dress’ I mean leather shoes), not sneakers.  One of my friends learned the hard way.  We had to sneak out a pair of shoes to one of the guys to wear into the club after he was negged for wearing sneakers (rule 2 came in handy here).  As a result one of them was shoeless in our cabana the rest of the night, but it was worth it.  When you are not in clubs or have no intention of going to one you can wear anything and everything.

5.  Go to as many pool parties as possible.  Bikinis and high heels are phenomenal together, at least in Vegas.

6.  Your going to spend more money than you think.  Budget accordingly.

7.  The coolest thing you don’t have to pay for is the water display at the Bellagio (see pictures above and below), I recommend seeing it at least once.

8.  Find as many bachelorette parties as possible.

9.  Many clubs will require a table reservation if you are a large group (6 or more), especially if you are guys; so call ahead.  Along that line, guys will always pay more for cover, 2-3x more.

10. Carpe diem et noctem.

Note: All pictures are from when I was in Vegas two years ago (as we decided against photography for the bachelor party, wise move), but from my observation, nothing has changed since then.

Just the norm walking down the strip...
Glass ceiling sculpture at Bellagio
How Vegas does the Eiffel Tower.

Whenever I saw Vegas’s Eiffel I couldn’t help but think of my time in Paris

Aquatic beauty

The End