You Will Offend No One

You Will Offend No One

silk grenadine ties

I find myself wearing a silk grenadine tie more than any other type of tie.  The navy and burgundy ones are my two most frequented of the bunch, in fact, I have previously professed on how a navy grenadine is the most useful necktie a man could own.  I would postulate that I could wear either of those ties with at least 75% of the ensembles I put together.  And a majority of the rest of the time a silk grenadine in another color could be easily worn.

It is the solid color of the silk grenadine that makes it a most flexible piece of neck wear.  However, the texture of the weave is a close second.  The texture allows a silk grenadine to look at home with nearly any other fabric of suit, shirt and pocket square (the exception being perhaps tweed).  This, to my mind, allows the tie to be worn year round and during both day and at night.  The fact that you can find them nearly any color of the rainbow helps as well.

louis walton untipped grenadine tie

But at the most basic and simple level, a grenadine tie offends no one.  It does not call for attention or dismissal.  It is just there; working in a quiet harmony with whatever else it is you have donned for the day; reliable and true to its purpose.



PS – To acquire look to Louis Walton, Paul Stuart (only in store), Chipp2 (in store or email), Linkson Jack and Sam Hober.