The Watch Sets The Stage

The Watch Sets The Stage


In menswear you can mix high and low fashion, expensive and non expensive.  You can easily throw on a Rolex with a pair of jeans (or khakis) and a plain t-shirt or polo.  Although I can’t; as I don’t own a Rolex, don’t wear jeans and rarely go in public in a non collared shirt.  But that’s beside the point.  But what doesn’t work is when you wear a nice watch with ill fitting clothes; whether they be a suit or jeans.  For some reason I have been noticing this issue more lately.  So many men muck up the idea of wearing a nice watch with ill fitting clothes and shoes.  Why is there such a divergence in one mans good taste?  Logic would lead me to believe that if a man enjoys a fine watch he would also enjoy clothes that had a comparably fine fit.  But humans are often not rational, so that logic goes out the window…  Or, perhaps he thinks that the watch is all people need to see?  Wrong.  In case you haven’t learned yet; girls judge what your wearing past your watch.


  1. Having lots of money for expensive watches does not necessarily translate into good dress sense. In fact having lots of money does not translate into stylish dress anyway.Personally I prefer Omega watches to Rolex as I feel they are less showy.However I guess my fathers IWC from the early 1960s is probably the ultimate in understatement and good taste- pity he hardly wears it and couldn’t care less about how he dresses.

  2. I agree with Geoff. The money to buy a very nice watch doesn’t keep one from wearing loafers with your suit.