Sometimes, There Is Not Just One Right Choice

Sometimes, There Is Not Just One Right Choice

pocket square

We all know I am a huge proponent of pocket squares.  Despite many calling them flamboyant, unnecessary and stupid; they really do complete a man’s ensemble when he is wearing a jacket.  However, even with my persistent insistence that a man always wear one I do realize that it is not always viewed in a positive light in some business settings so I suppose I should tell you wear them to work at your discretion.  But anyway…

With pocket squares there is often never only one right choice.  2, 3 or even 4 different squares may very well complete an ensemble but depending on your taste, mood, setting and even the weather the best choice for that given day may become clear.  However, on a different day,  you may think a different square more appropriate.

Take the 3 photos in the post for example.  The combination in the top photo is a bit too coordinated for my tastes, but if you are really going for a 2-color look it would certainly work.  The square below brings in a few more shades of blue, as well as a few of brown, which adds more visual interest and contrast to things.

choosing the right pocket square

However, the photo below creates the most interest and contrast while still complementing the suit, shirt and tie well.

choosing the right pocket square

As far as I am concerned, I would not have been wrong wearing any of the three combinations.  My mood for the day dictated the third.  Perhaps on a different day I would’ve worn the second.  If you are ever in doubt, you will offend no one with a folded white linen or cotton square.



P.S. – suit from Dragon Inside, shirt from Clay Tompkins, tie from Barneys, pocket squares from Robert Talbott and New & Lingwood.