Things I Wear III

Things I Wear III


Shoes: Alden. Suit: Robert Talbott Carmel.

Today I decided to keep things classic (solid charcoal suit, black leather wingtips and white shirt), but with a bit of a casual twist.  Namely, the olive green cashmere cable knit tie that I finally acquired last week (but have been obsessing over it for the past month).  It is definitely a more casual option than one’s normal silk dress tie but I think it pairs quite well with the charcoal suit and white dress shirt.  It is also a great fall/winter tie; olive green and cashmere, flawless.

Tie: Paul Stuart. Pocket Square: J. Press. Shirt: TM Lewin.

The tie does tie a nice knot, in the picture above I utilized a four-in-hand knot.  However, for this shirt collar I may retie it using a double four in hand to fill out the spread in the collar a bit more.  I should also note  that I am showing a bit more pocket square than preferable, I did this to highlight the pattern of the square to show how it ties in with the tie.  Regardless, few things make me happier than cashmere in the fall.

Keep up the good fight,



  1. Hey Buddy, could you tell me the particular TM Lewin shirt you are wearing in this photo? I am looking for something similar,but I don’t know where to go and the ones I’m seeing on TM Lewin don’t quite have a collar like yours?

    • Hi George,
      The shirt is from the John Francomb line, which I do not think they make anymore. but it was a ‘fully fitted’ shirt and the collars were great – longer collar points and unfused.