Things I Wear, IV

Things I Wear, IV


Shoes: Allen Edmunds. Pants: Zanella. Shirt: Modern Tailor. Socks: Nobby Clothes Shop.

I realize now that I may look a little serious and a little mad, it’s because I am.  I somehow locked myself out of my bedroom, the amount of time it took to get back in was infuriating, to say the least.  But that aside…

The rain has finally left New York, in all honesty, that shit was awful.  Although it is only about 40 out I opted for lighter colors for the day on account of the renewed sunshine currently bathing New York (I am also mentally in Florida, as I will be arriving there later tonight).  I just got the flannel pants back from the tailor and they are fitting much better.  I could not resist wearing them.  The blue oxford button down ties in well with the light grey with blue pinstripe pants.  Some would argue that this grey is a bit light for fall and winter wear but I would disagree with that and counter with the fact that they are a heavier flannel, an ideal fabric for fall and winter.  I thought dark brown and black shoes to be too much in contrast with the pants today to wear them so I choose a light brown wingtip.  You can’t see the socks, but they are Nantucket Red, naturally.