Things I Wear: To The Beach

Things I Wear: To The Beach

caramel penny loafer with orlebar brown surfers bathing suit sq

We’re in the dog days of summer and it is important to look good while by the pool or ocean.  We’ve put together a few thoughts on how to up your style for future waterside wanderings.
Ditch the board shorts of years past and go for something a little more updated and mature; either a more traditional pair of swim trunks or a pair that is more fitted with a shorter inseam, such as those pictured above.  Stay hydrated (or dehydrated depending on how you look at it) with a few sips of tequila, solvent with a compact card case, cultured with an art book and stylish with a pair of Cromwells.


  1. Great site! This is the first post I’ve read, and I was drawn to it by the shoes… call me old fashioned (I’ve been called worse), but I cannot find a single situation in life where flip-flops, sandals, anything Croc-esque, or shower shoes are appropriate foot wear for men (I’ll give you shower shoes to-and-from the shower).

    There are better choices, even for the beach; loafers, deck shoes… flip-flops. et al are like saying “I give up on looking presentable.”

    Again, great site!