What Should a Man Wear for the Fourth of July?

What Should a Man Wear for the Fourth of July?


The Fourth of July is unquestionably the most American holiday.  Like many holidays, the Fourth has a ‘dress code’ of sorts.  It is often the spoken but not required sort, unless of course the host of a party dictates it.  Red, white and blue are the colors of the day (and weekend).  There are thousands of ways to wear red, white and blue together.  Some good, some great and others not so good.  Let’s try to avoid the latter.  So, we are left with the question of what should a man wear for the Fourth of July?

Let’s start off with what not to wear.  Whatever you do, do not wear a male romper (ever), such as what you see below, which I believe is from RompHim.  A man should really be shot on sight for wearing such a thing.

Additionally, it is best to avoid gratuitous displays of the colors or flag.  Although I get it, sometimes more is just more.  Use your best judgement on this.

Much like my post from last December on the ‘Unugly Christmas Sweater’, I prefer a more subdued expression of the colors and flag than is sometimes common.  I like to have the red, white and blue colors represented on the garments that I am wearing in a more simple and tasteful manner.  Blue trousers, white shirt, red hat.  That type of thing.

Take for example, the above ensemble.  A pair of red suede bit loafers, white jeans and a navy sweater with the American flag on it.  All of the colors are represented and nothing is over the top.  The resulting look is pretty classic and should be formal enough for almost any gathering on the Fourth.  Understandably, a sweater may be a little too warm for this time of year for many of us, swap it out for a navy polo shirt (or v-neck if that is more your style).

For those that the red shoes are too aggressive for, switch them out for some navy or brown shoes and add some red elsewhere in the ensemble as needed.  Perhaps a red polo shirt or button up under the sweater.

But do not feel limited to just an ensemble like this one.  For those not feeling terribly imaginative, blue jeans provide a good base to start with.  Add a red and white striped shirt on top and you are good to go.  Some guys will work in patterned shirts or pants with stars or stripes on them into looks in a successful manner.

As I said before, the options for what a guy can wear for the Fourth of July are numerous.  If you were looking for some inspiration, I hope this helped you get started.  If you have any questions, just ask in the comments or tell us what you wear for the Fourth.