What Should A Man Wear To Church?

What Should A Man Wear To Church?


Recently a reader posted a question on my Soiree post asking what would be appropriate to wear to church/mass on Nantucket.  Admittedly, this is not something that I have ever thought about before, as I have never gone to church on Nantucket (even though I do call it the Promised Land).  And when I go to church off island there is never really any question as to what to wear.  A jacket is a must and a tie is preferable; the rest falls in line from there.

So, think I did on this for a brief moment and the answer does not change.  Church is church; whether on Nantucket, in Bryn Mawr or in New York City.  The tradition and formality of church is due a certain level of respect (whether you are of that religion or not).  Something that jeans and a polo shirt just don’t give enough of.

Below we have a photo of Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in American Gangster.  The context is that Denzel has just walked out of church with his mother into a swarm of law enforcement officers.  Although his reign was over, the ensemble he was wearing should live on as a representation of rather classic men’s dress (I believe Denzel’s suits in the film were tailored by Leonard Logsdail).  And of relevance to the subject at hand, an ensemble appropriate for church.

Now am I saying you need to go and don your most formal suit and tie?  No.  A blazer and loafers would do just fine.  Just keep in mind you are in God’s house.  A place where I think it would be better to over, rather than under dress.


what should a man wear to church

Image credit: American Gangster and here.


  1. I don’t wear loafers to work so I wouldn’t wear them to church. I do wear them to the doctor’s office though. 😉

  2. What would you wear to meet the Queen?, or to the White House to meet the President of the US? Why would one wear anything more casual to the House of God?