In Favor Of A Club Dress Code…

In Favor Of A Club Dress Code…


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I think it is time we discuss something that is near to my heart, that of a club dress code.  By this time there should be a few things that I think I have made quite clear, whether directly of indirectly.  One of these things being by affinity for the formality of dress.  Which would include a proper club dress code.  Now, clubs are not the only places to have dress codes, many restaurants and schools have them as well.  Anyway, tonight I received an email from my beloved club announcing the reopening of our formal dining room.  The email delighted me for two reasons. First, it is nice that the dining room has reopened.  Second, the email included in it a description of the club dress code.  Which for the formal dining room, read as follows,

“Gentlemen are encouraged, but not required, to wear jackets during the 1890 Room lunch service each day. Jackets are required during the 1890 Room dinner service. For Boys, appropriate attire consists of clothing commensurate with the attire worn by Gentlemen. Young Men 13 and older must comply with the requirement to wear jackets, and wear their shirts tucked in. For Ladies and Girls, appropriate attire consists of, at minimum, classic, modest, tasteful, and tailored outfits, with dress shoes. Sporting attire and jeans are not permitted to be worn in the 1890 Room. Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort level of fellow Members when choosing their attire.”

There are few things in particular that brought a particular brand of smile to my face.  ‘Jackets are required,’ that really says it all right there.  ‘Respect for tradition,’ well, we all know I have a bit of a thing for tradition so I shouldn’t need to get into that.  Lastly, ‘jeans are not permitted.’   I don’t wear jeans, period.  I do not think they have any place in a club; whether city or country.  So, thankfully, this bastion of yesteryear formality is saved.  I fear the day when there are not enough of us left to appreciate it.

Actually, fear not, I hope that day never comes.

Keep up the good fight,

Justin L. Jeffers


PS – I found the above picture funny, it reminds me of many of the signs I saw outside bars in London.  It also forbids Burberry, which I called for a boycott of a while back.  So, although, this is certainly not from a club nor does it dictate a proper club dress code, I still found it relevant.