A Bearable Season

A Bearable Season


There are a select few things that make the fall and winter seasons bearable to me.  Among them are pumpkin pie, cashmere, skiing/snowboarding, fall foliage and the fact that it is black tie season.  For now I shall reflect on the last of these.

Pocket square, boutonniere, shawl collar and a cigar; does it get any better than this? Source: http://ovadiaandsons.tumblr.com/post/3458884995/the-duke-shawl-collar-black-tie-perfection

Tomorrow will be the first black tie event of the season for me and I am quite excited.  I am to retrieve my Blackwatch tartan tuxedo (dinner jacket for you Anglophiles) back from the tailor tomorrow just in time for the event.  More so than any other jacket a man’s dinner jacket should be of the absolute best fit possible.  It is when in black tie that many say a man looks his best, often because of the simple elegance and simplicity that the classic black (or midnight blue or in my case the green and blue of the Blackwatch tartan) and white ensemble affords a man.  Sadly however, no matter how well fitting my current or future jackets may be one thing is for certain; I will never look as elegant or as natural as The Duke of Windsor does here.  But that does not mean I will ever stop trying.


  1. […] The tie does tie a nice knot, in the picture above I utilized a four-in-hand knot.  However, for this shirt collar I may retie it using a double four in hand to fill out the spread in the collar a bit more.  I should also note  that I am showing a bit more pocket square than preferable, I did this to highlight the pattern to show how it ties in with the tie.  Regardless, few things make me happier than cashmere in the fall. […]